What is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

What is MMA? Mixed Martial Arts for newbies

The reason why you are reading this article might be you are new to mixed martial art or MMA. Well, welcome my friend, this is a good sport to follow. You might not enjoy or appreciate it at first, but if you continue to watch and explore you will begin to love it.
What is MMA? MMA is full-contact combat sports that includes striking and grappling. In striking the basic martial arts styles use are muay thai and boxing while in grappling, it is wrestling and jiu-jitsu, these are just the common form that is being utilized in mma.
The history of mma started in ancient Roman Olympics were in two combatants are allowed to strike and grapple with their opponents. It was called the sport of Pankration. If you were thinking, this is a new sport, well it is not, ancient people enjoyed this sport as an entertainment, it is even fun for them back then because it is the spectacle during those times.
During the early 1900s different MMA competition circulated in Japan, Europe and the Pacific area.
This became popular when the Gracie family brought the Brazilian sport Vale Tudo to the U.S. in 1993 with the birth of Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC.
UFC is the most popular and largest mma promotion today. It is responsible for bringing MMA in the mainstream with specific rules that allows them to be broadcast fights through pay per view. UFC has the best and popular pools of fighters like Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, BJ Penn, Forrest Griffin, Junior Dos Santos and a lot exciting MMA fighters.
This is branded as the fastest growing sport, and surely it is. Maybe you are just starting to discover this amazing and exciting combat sport, good luck on your journey. However, there is one thing for sure you will definitely love MMA.


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