MMA Training Tips – Mindset

Learning MMA could be fun and easy. However for some even how often they attend MMA classes they never grow to develop the things that are thought in their MMA classes. Time and money is wasted.

In order for you to maximize and make most of your money and time here are the tips on how your mindset should be. All the learning and ideas start with your mind. With a healthy mindset, you will progress and learn MMA fast.

Don’t act as if you know everything

Even the great master’s of MMA continuously learn and so you should too. Just be humble and always put in your mind that you still know nothing about the sports. If you have an open mind all the things that are being thought in your MMA class will surely sink in fast if you have this attitude. Keep an open mind and be humble. Your instructor knows more than you do.

Don’t be the rough guy

Some guys are physically stronger, bigger and tougher. If you are this kind of person don’t rely on your roughness. MMA is about technique not purely sheer strength. Being of this type of person in could lead into injuries of your spar mates and MMA classmates.

Control and use your strength properly. You are enrolled to learn MMA not to hurt anyone especially your mates. You don’t want to hurt anyone don’t, do you? Learn what the proper techniques are and don’t rely too much on your physical attributes.

Work hard and don’t be a lazy student

You have invested time and money why would you waste it? You are enrolled to maximize everything. Be motivated to learn new techniques and ideas. Use everything In the gym. Go punch some bags, do treadmills, lift some weights if you have nothing to do.

Make use everything what you paid for. Take down notes if necessary and always put in mind an apply everything that has been said by your instructor.

Be thankful

Never forget to thank everyone in your training. Say thank you after you spar with your mates, or be grateful to your teacher if you have learn something new or just be thankful. In this manner you help them to help you to become better. They will always be glad to help you whenever you need their help.

When you are planning to join MMA class this are the things that you should remember. Keep this mindset and you will learn MMA faster and you will maximise everything that you invested in and the best part is gaining the respect of your colleagues and from your instructor.

Tips on How to win Street fights

Winning Street fights 

Street fights do happen especially in a troublesome community, bars, and everywhere but it is usually rare to happen. However, there are people don’t know what to do when this kind untoward incident happens to them. They panic and end up being beaten up. If you are the type person who usually get bullied and being stirred to a street fights here are some of the helpful tips for you to think about.

Don’t panic

For some people this could be scary for them and this is the reason why they panic. There is nothing to fear about if this happens if you know what to do. Panicking would only blur your mind to think right and in a street fight, common sense and sharp thinking is very important. You need to think clear because everything happens fast in a street fight. The first thing that you should remember is keep yourself calm and be aware of your surroundings.

Talk to the person and ask what the problem and walk away

Some people just don’t have anything to do and they just want to stir up trouble without any reasons. If you would buy on their trap they win on their agenda. Street fights are just normal for such people and it is just a waste of time if you stoop down on their level.

Talk to them nicely and don’t meet their anger or else the street fight is on.  If they see that you are not biting their bait to cause trouble they eventually stop bullying. Tell them that you don’t trouble and you don’t have anything against them. If this works then walk away but be alert.

Learn MMA or any martial arts

You have great advantage in a street fight when you know certain martial arts especially MMA. Even you know a little boxing would give you big advantage. Most of these bullies know nothing about martial arts for sure because the person who has knowledge in a certain martial arts knows how to respect.

Enroll to MMA, boxing or any martial arts but I highly recommend MMA, boxing or muay thai because these are lethal and practical martial arts today. If you don’t have time to enrol learn in MMA online. There are many free sources to learn the basics about MMA, boxing and muay thai in the internet.

Always be on top condition

In worst scenarios if you have dealt with the bullies calmly and you see that they are to aggressive be prepared. However, when you are actually involved in this kind of situation it will require you to have a great cardio. Like any fighting or sparring this will need your energy and your lungs.

Make a habit to run or jog in a week so that when you are in a street fights you have the advantage over your opponent. You could make evasive movement and tire them. Once they are tired you could run or if you want hit them till they are knock out.

Hit them on the chin it will surely rattle their brain. Sometimes those bullies needs beat down. It is an advantage in a street fight if you have knowledge in MMA or any martial arts and plus if you have great cardio.

Observe your surroundings and see what you can use as a weapon

In a street fight everything is legal. See if there is anything that you could use as your weapon. It could be your pen, lighter a wall, a stone, a bottle. Everything you see can be a lethal weapon and all you have to do is be creative. This is the reason why you should never panic.

For example you could clinch his head and bump his head against the wall. Anything like that would be used in a street fight. Everything is a weapon even your elbows, fingers, fist etc. These are all be utilised as your weapon just used it wisely. For instance you could use your fingers to poke on your opponent’s eye. Something like that could be used against your opponent.

Focus on their weak parts

Like what I have said everything is legal. Hit the weak parts like their groins, eye, thighs and throat. However be careful because you could someone or injured them greatly. However, when worse situations come used it.

It is hard to be involved in a street fight because you could be hurt or you could hurt someone. This is the reason why you should avoid to get involved first. As much as possible avoiding it should be the main objective. However, there are times you need to fight back and use the tips that I have mentioned. Only use the options given in the worse cases. Always avoid to be in a street fight, this is the only way that you could win it.

List of popular MMA shorts

 Popular MMA shorts

If you are looking for brands for your MMA shorts but don’t have idea yet which brands are you going to consider buying I made the list of the best and the popular MMA shorts brand today. They are popular not because they are being endorsed by popular MMA fighters or they are good in marketing but because they also have amazing quality giving best customer satisfaction.

Affliction MMA shorts

Affliction is well known for its unique and cool design t- shirts for men. This is one of my favourite mma t-shirt brands. However, they also have good standard for their mma shorts as well. They have a great experience in mma apparels that will surely satisfy you in terms of quality. Well known endorsers are Randy Couture, George St Pierre, Fedor Emelianenko, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and other metal band like Megadeth, Pantera, Korn and a lot more popular metal bands.

Tapout MMA shorts

If you are a true blooded mma fan especially the UFC, you surely know what this brand is. Tapout mma shirts and t shirts have simple designs yet appealing to the eye. If you go for simplicity, quality and class go get a tapout mma shorts. One of the longest Tapout endorser is Kimbo Slice.

Dethrone MMA shorts

Dethrone apparel is a newly established brand in 2009. But don’t get it wrong, with a span of few years it is one of the most recognizable brand in MMA especially in the UFC. With endorsers like great mma fighter and former champion Cain Velasques and the newly crowned lightweight champion Ben Henderson. The Dethrone Royalty brand was formed in 2009, but based on the traditions of ancient kings. Their standout slogan is “Defeat thy enemy and demand their respect”.

RVCA MMA shorts

RVCA is associated with surfing and skate boarding community then later on venture in MMA apparels. Top endorsers are BJ Penn and Vitor Belfort. RVCA stand for recession and collection. The V is like an A without a crossbar pointing down like an arrow and the A in the last letter is just an arrow pointing up.

Hayabusa MMA shorts

Hayabusa is a Japanese word which means Peregrine Falcon. This Falcon has the attributes of agility, speed and accuracy in striking its prey. This is what should a fighter would be and this is what hayabusa is all about. If you want quality and best after sales service this is the perfect product for you. They are not only on mma shorts and apparels but on MMA gears as well.

Venum MMA shorts

Venum Company is primarily known to BJJ competitor in 2006 but is not yet popular in the US market during that time. However, with good quality and customer satisfaction it spread through word of mouth among grapplers. Now, this is one of the trusted brands in the MMA community.

These are just some of the popular brands for MMA shorts in the MMA community and there are a lot out there with the same quality. It all boils down to your tastes, designs or whose endorsing the product. All MMA shorts out there are all in high quality but it is still best to trust the well established and well tested by MMA fighters out there.

Tips On How to Find Cheap Affliction Shirts for men

Affliction shirts have unique design yet expensive

Genuine affliction shirt is kind of expensive but there is a value on what you pay for. However, if you are the type of person who is out of budget and looking for the cheap finds here are some of the simple tips. I'm not an expert on this, but I'll teach based on my experience.
Try to look for second-hand affliction shirts, There are some collectors out there who want to dispose or just need some money and try to sell that stuff. I think there are website that is like markets for used items. This is risky but if you have no choice, you need to gamble. However there are sites that sell affliction shirts on sale, just search them on the net.
If there are small bazaars in your area, visit and ask if there are affliction shirts available. Some of the merchants sell surplus or shirts that did not pass quality control. You might be lucky if you find one, just bear with the minor defects.
Lastly, ask your friends or someone you know who is a MMA fan. They might know someone or somewhere that offers affliction shirt. Referrals are a great source of valid and credible information, and if you got some, grab it.
There are always value and risk for anything. However, sometimes taking risk can be worth it especially if you find a good and cheap affliction shirt.

Man vs Woman MMA fight Video

This is one of the most jaw dropping videos that you have ever seen. Just watch and will add to the fight videos that you want to see, it's raw and with a bare.

Brutal MMA bone breaks

MMA is a physical combat sport and like other sports injuries are unavoidable and that includes gruesome bone breaks. These unwanted accidents in MMA fights are all part of the game and MMA fighters are completely at risk with various injuries. However, even how brutal this sport can be it is still fun to watch. Get ready to feel the pain as you watch this video. Enjoy...

Reasons why MMA training workout program is one of the best ways for weight loss

MMA training programs includes ground drills as well

There are many training workout programs out there that promise they are effective for weight loss. However, some of these programs only say so for marketing purpose only. This is the reason why many people will end up disappointed after trying these training workouts offered.

Have you heard about MMA? MMA is the abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts. In case you don’t know, MMA is martial arts that incorporate several martial arts discipline in fighting. The basic and the most common martial art discipline used in MMA are boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and muay thai or kick boxing.

These martial arts that comprise MMA are all very physically challenging and this is why MMA training workout programs is the best way for weight loss. To give you details, here are the break downs why MMA training workout program is the best for weight loss.

MMA requires great lung capacity

MMA really needs a lot of gas from you. In preparation or part of MMA, the drills in MMA never missed out cardio exercises. Doing cardio exercises such as running skipping rope, mitts training, jiu jitsu, muay thai and wrestling drills will burn your fats amazingly. There is a science with this principle and it is when you intake a lot of oxygen, this will surely burn your extra fats.

Will build your muscles naturally

Aside from the benefit of weight loss, MMA training workout programs tone down your muscle naturally. Unlike gym work or MMA will not bulk your muscles but it will only sculpt your muscles instead. MMA will shape your arms, chest, legs, and the most difficult part to develop which is the abs.

Will sweat out all your fats and toxins

Doing boxing alone will sweat the hell out of you what more doing the jiu-jitsu drills and other MMA disciplines. As we all know, as we sweat fats and toxins will naturally be excreted to our system. MMA training workout programs are tough as nails. This is the reason why you will drain all your fluids in your body.

Fluids or water in our system is also the reason for being overweight. Flushing some h20 out  of from your body will surely help for your weight loss. One method for MMA fighters or boxers to cut weight is to dehydrate themselves. This only shows sweating is very effective for your weight loss and MMA training workout programs will effectively sweat you out.

Gruelling MMA drills

MMA training workout programs are all physically challenging and will require a lot of lung capacity. This powerful combination of aerobic activities needs a lot of energy. Doing MMA drills and workout programs will consume all your energy reserves

MMA is not only an entertaining sport to watch but a great way to get way to get fit and healthy as well. There are many advantages that you could reap from doing mma training workout and one of them is weight loss. If you are looking ways cut weight fast, try mma training workout programs to the nearest MMA gym at your area.

Reasons why boxing training is best for you,for your health and for weight loss

Boxing training is a great alternative or a perfect combination for a gym workout as for fitness and weight loss. Compared to gym training it is more complete. Boxing training has the combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits, weight loss, toning your muscles, and more amazing advantages to anyone’s health. If you are thinking of doing boxing training as for physical fitness, here are the advantages that will surely convince you to try boxing training.

Cardio Improvement

For those who are easy to get tired and lacks energy, boxing training is perfect for them. Boxing training consist of many drills that will require great lung capacity. Therefore, will increase and improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Bag work like punching heavy bags, skipping rope, sparring and doing focus pad training like mitts drills are just some of the activities that are part of boxing training. These are also the reasons why you need to be physically conditioned before you jump in to boxing training. It is a must for you to prepare your conditioning first.

In case you don’t know, if you have great cardio, you will not tire immediately no matter how demanding your activities are especially if you are into a very tiring work or business. Boxing training will also boost your energy and will help you have extra vigour after a day of labour. If you get tire easily or if you need to have extra push, do boxing training.

Immune system booster

Any physical activity like running could amazingly improve your immune system, what more with boxing training. As what I have mentioned earlier, boxing training is multi- faceted. It comprises many drills that are very physically challenging. Therefore great physically activity or exercise is equals to better immune system.

Stress Buster

Boxing training is very fun especially when you are doing bag works or training with the mitts. Punching your heart out on these boxing equipment's will make you feel better after doing such activities. Doing punching sessions especially when you are stressed with your work or just angry with someone will release all your angst with these drills.

Great muscle toner

Unlike going to the gym like lifting and pulling heavy weights, boxing training will not bulk your muscles instead will tone down and shape your muscles. Arms, abs, legs and gluts will surely be sculpted because doing boxing training focus on these muscles. Just doing it for days will have tremendous results in those mentioned parts of the body.

Perfect for weight loss

Compared to doing gym work, boxing training is great for weight loss and it has fast results. Why is it very effective? Boxing training is a cardio activity. This only means that when you inhale more oxygen, you burn your fats fast. See how boxers lose weight when they train and there are many testimonial that will prove how effective boxing training is in terms of burning calories and for weight loss.

Confidence booster

Boxing training will not only beneficial to your body and health but with your self-esteem as well. Boxing is a martial art and any form of martial art will form your personality in a positive way. When you learn boxing, you will also appreciate yourself more. These are the intangibles that boxing training benefits those practitioners.

Additional skills for you

When you do boxing training, you will add a new skill in your list and that is learning of defending yourself and others. Boxing is one of the most effective striking martial art ever since and in MMA as well. Punching is the most basic arsenal in self-defence so if you do boxing training, you can use it when it is needed.

Boxing training is very advantageous to anyone who wishes to do this for fitness, weight loss, self-defence and etc. If you are searching for great alternatives to get fit and healthy, put boxing training on the top of your list. You will surely not regret if you choose boxing training as your physical activity because there are many great advantages that you could ever imagine.

How and why weight training is important in Mixed Martial Arts

Why weight training is important in mixed martial arts? Mixed martial arts is a physically demanding sport. You need to be in perfect shape to be able to train well and to last fights. As for pro mma fighters being in tipped top condition is a must because without this you will not even finish a 1-minute fight. One way of being in good shape in sports, especially mma is weight training.

Weight training will develop punching power. There are specific programs for improving your knockout ratio with your lead hand or for power jabs. If you are not naturally gifted having a punching power, don't worry because there are weight training techniques to improve and maximize it. If you want to enhance your punches, weight training is there to help.

Not everyone one knows that striking power comes from the legs and proper stance. This is science at its best and there is a fight science actually. To have a stronger base, you need to work out on your legs. Weight training will definitely be a great help.

Have you tried punching a heavy bag for one hour or more? As you go further, your power diminishes and will exhaust your muscles. With weight training, this will improve and will develop endurance while maintaining your power with both hands. This will also help ground fighters too, because on the ground will require more used of muscles compared to stand up.

For wrestlers, weight training will boost the takedown assaults and takedown defense as well. Most wrestlers frequently lift weights because grapplers spend most of the time on the ground. As I have mentioned ground fighting is much physically demanding than stand-up combat.

These are just some of the reasons why weight training is incorporated in mixed martial arts. If you want to try MMA for building your muscle, this will definitely give you sure results.

Learning MMA

Learning MMA is not that easy because MMA is one of the toughest sports today. It a very physically demanding sport that will require a lot from an amateur or a pro fighter and practitioner of it as well. Learning this sport is not easy as many people think of it. A person who wants to get involved in this sport should be physically prepared.

For fighters who make MMA as their living are needed to level up their training. This is where they incorporate MMA training, weight training, strength and conditioning for them to achieve their potential physically and mentally.

MMA fighters need great cardio, strength, power and endurance in training especially in fights. This is the reason why incorporation of these aspects are very important. With just one missing in their MMA training it could lead to lack of performance. MMA fighters need to be ahead of the competition and these trainings should be done diligently especially months before a fight.

MMA is a very competitive sports and getting ahead of the opponent through training is one aspect of it. Even in MMA training alone is very physically challenging. Drills in MMA are very hard and intense, lacking cardio for example, will not make a mma fighter train properly. Running out of air is a big “no no” in this sport.

If you are planning to try MMA, better prepare your cardio before actually getting in the gym. I advise you to condition yourself first before engaging yourself to the actual MMA drills.

In boxing alone, if your lungs are not prepared, with just 5 minutes of drills you will get dizzy for sure if you lack conditioning. You will just waste your time and money if you lack cardio preparation. It is advisable for newbie’s to run at least 15-30 minutes a day for one week before they go to a mma gym.

Running will surely increase you lung capacity to have more air to perform intense mma training. In addition, running will also burn your fats faster than you can imagine because one of the most effective and practical exercises available.

MMA is not only a great way to be healthy and to have a well sculpted body it is an excellent for self-defense as well. For people who have inferiority complex, this is the sport ideal for them.

How it is related to self-confidence? Learning MMA or any martial arts will naturally build your confidence because when you master this sport your perception would be different. First, you will have this mentality that you can defend yourself anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Secondly, because martial arts is about respect, you will begin to respect yourself eventually and other people as well.

MMA is a great and noble sport. Anyone who wishes to train for MMA will reap its benefits not only physically, mentally and spiritually. It is an excellent way to stay fit and in building a person’s character as well.

Basic Boxing Stance

Basic Boxing Stance

This is how a basic boxing stance should look like

There are lot to learn in boxing training if you want to take this as a form of martial art or just for fitness. The best way to start to become skilled at boxing is to know the fundamentals. One aspect of boxing that a person should need to study if he or she is willing to take boxing is the basic boxing stance.

What is the importance of a proper boxing stance? Like other sports, proper stance is very important. This is what technique is all about. When you have learned the proper stance, moving to one place to another properly will be easy without affecting your performance in the sport you are in.

In boxing, proper stance help maintains your power, agility and defence. Power punches doesn’t start in your arms but in your legs and gluts. With proper form, power is fully utilized in its maximum potential when proper form is established.

One important reminder: In boxing, when you hit, your goal is not to be hit back. Once you throw your punches, your mindset is to avoid counter punches. This is where the importance of proper form equals fast and swift movements.

Two types of stances

Orthodox: This is the stance of a right hander which means left foot forward and right foot backward

Southpaw: This is for a person who is a left hander. Right foot forward and left foot backward.

The proper boxing form

The instructions are for right hander. Just reverse if you are a left hander.

Imagine that you on top and standing on a clock face. Your right foot on 12’o clock and your left foot on 20 past twelve. Your goal is to maintain this posture for most of the time in boxing and make sure you don’t cross your feet. Make sure that you are always balance and never cross your both feet.

Ideally your body weight should be distributed 60% on the back foot and 40% on the front foot. However, there are times that you need to bounce, in that situation distribution of body weight will come back and forth with your front foot and back foot.

Your body posture should not be standing straight but you should crouch. Your chin must be a little tucked and imagine that there is tennis ball place between your chin and upper chest. Eyes should be straight on your target.

Tucking your chin is a defensive move for your chin not to be a hitting target. When you are hit on your chin with a good punch its lights out for you. In boxing, the chin is the target because when you are hit at this area on your face, it will shake your brain. Always make sure to tuck your chin and protect it to get hit with a good shot from your opponent. This is the principle in boxing regarding protecting and tucking the chin.

In addition, your elbows should also be tucked comfortably against your ribs. This is to protect you from body shots. Hitting the opponent with a great punch at the rib cage or a liver shot, there is no other place that your opponent will go but to drop down. This part of the body is very vulnerable. This is the reason behind why you should protect your rib and elbows should always be down.

Furthermore, your right hand should be near your chin, ready to block counter punches on your face. It is very important to always put your hands up especially your right hand. On the other hand, your left hand should at same height of your right but should be 12 inches afar from your left hand.

You should relax your shoulders, both arms and your legs. It is said in boxing that the more relax you are, the more accurate and powerful the punches are. Boxers are more dangerous when they are relaxed. As the great Muhammad Ali has said, “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.

In boxing training, proper form and stance is usually emphasized. With proper form and stance, boxers can perform to the best of their abilities. When you do your first boxing training, master first all the fundamentals before you advance. There is a science in every sport, to perform well never forget the basics and one important aspect of boxing you need to learn is the boxing stance.

Is a Muay Thai kick the most powerful among other martial arts?

How powerful and dangerous is a Muay Thai kick

A Muay Thai kick is equal to a swing of a baseball bat

Muay Thai is martial arts originated from Thailand. It is called the martial arts of eight limbs. Unlike other martial arts, it utilizes not just punches and kicks but with elbows and knees. Furthermore, what make this sport unique is that it doesn’t make use of the feet to kick but with the shins instead. This is why Muay Thai is said to one of most hardest and brutal kicks in the Martial Arts world.

How strong are the kicks of a professional Muay Thai Fighther? Could it kill or break a bone of any opponent? In Muay Thai, it is said to be that a Muay Thai kick is equivalent to the power of swinging baseball bat. If that is true, a Muay Thai kick could actually break your skull, break your ribs and injure your thighs.

Why are Muay Thai so powerful and how did they do it? There was once a movie of Van Damme, where in there was scene where he was training and one part of his preparation was to kick a small coconut tree. This is quite impossible and you might think it just an exaggeration.

However, this crazy idea of kicking a hard wood with a bare shin is actually true. To make their bones harder than rock, a traditional Muay Thai fighter practiced and actually need to kick a tree or anything like that to harden their bone as part of their training. Furthermore, they spent gruesome hours kicking heavy bags to develop power, accuracy and technique.

In addition, Muay Thai fighters have one of the hardest training in Martial Arts. They need to do super hard calisthenics to make their core and lower body ready to take any physical punishment such as a swing of a baseball bat.

On the other hand, because of the effectiveness of Muay Thai as a lethal and effective martial arts, it has been used and utilized by many MMA fighters as their striking arsenal. One of the most dangerous MMA fighter today was once a Muay Thai fighter and now has the most accurate striking technique in the MMA world, he is no other than the UFC middleweight champ, Anderson “The Spider" Silva. He is a living proof how dangerous and effective Muay Thai is and how powerful Muay Thai strikes are and that includes the heavy kicks of Muay Thai.

In some actual MMA fight or Muay Thai competition, I have seen many “jaw dropping” knock outs by a head to shin contact. The results are usually devastating and shocking. A fighter, who has been hit with a shin of a Muay Thai fighter, would actually look like a timber falling down in the canvass. They can hardly stand-up and sometimes left unconscious for several minutes or being rushed to the nearest hospital.

Are you not yet convince how strong and dangerous Muay Thai kicks are? At first I couldn’t believe how hard the shins or how hard a Muay Thai kick is. But with actual figures and science, all my doubts have been vanished.

Science now has curiously explored this mystery. Is a Muay Thai kick the most lethal and powerful kick in Martial arts? How hard are the shins of a MMA fighter? Are they even harder than a hardest wood type baseball bat? These questions have been answered and watch this video and click this link, Muay Thai kick. If you haven’t seen this yet, all the questions here have been answered.

Basic boxing drills for you to get fit

Basic boxing drills and exercises

Boxing is a great sport to watch and to follow and it is one of the most popular fight sports for a very long time up to now. However, boxing is not just an entertaining sport but an effective way to get fit and healthy. There are simple boxing exercises that is so simple yet effective in busting your stress and burning those extra and unwanted fats.
Let us get started and here are some of the essential boxing training exercises and drills that you can do at the comfort of your home.

Skipping rope
Who says that you need to need to spend expensive gym membership and exercise equipments to get fast result to burn calories fast? Think again! Skipping ropes would not cost a thing. It’s cheap and easy to find, and you can even make an improvised one.

Why skipping rope is a great way to exercise?
It dramatically improves your body coordination. When you do skipping it get your upper and lower body to coordinates movements. This is not only helpful for boxers only but for you as well. As we all know how important coordination in our body system.

The next good thing about skipping rope exercise is that it increases your cardio. This is very important especially when you easily get tired. It gives you an extra energy boost to do every day activities. You will not get easily get tired when you have rev up your lungs.

Furthermore skipping rope exercise increases joint strength and improves bone density. Whether you are young or old bone you need to strengthen up your bone. Drinking milk might not be enough. To supplement that doing skipping rope exercise is the best option to for you to avoid bone illness and other deficiencies and will also be beneficial for those who have arthritis or rheumatism.

Other benefits are it increases leg power and endurance, tones your muscles and it is an awesome fat burner.

Doing 3 minutes skipping rope exercise will make sense already. Try it to believe.

Shadow boxing
Shadow boxing is the most simple yet a great boxing exercise that will sweat you out, tone your arms and will increase your upper body strength. This is a great way to have muscle cuts in your arms. It will not swell your muscle but will perfectly cut those unwanted arms flab’s.

Shadow boxing will also improve your heart rate and will slightly improve your lung capacity. Not only that, this will also improve your hand and eye coordination.

Running and Sprinting
This is the most effective boxing exercise to lose fats fast. The combination of running and sprinting will do phenomenal effect on your weight. Running and sprinting has been popularly used in other weight loss programs for its effectiveness.

However, for beginners, it advisedly to try jog at first, for you not to have gas out easily because running and sprinting requires a lot from your lungs. The best thing for a newbie to do is to jog at least 15 minutes each day.

Running and sprinting will amazingly increase your cardio. With every day of work you will have energy more than enough to face every day work challenges. These exercises will make you more relax and will bust your stress significantly.

Boxing drills and exercises are great way to get fit without spending. It is not just an entertaining fight sport to watch but is the best tool for you to fight stress, tone your body and to have the best out of your body. Simply do this simple boxing exercises and you will surely reap all the health rewards from it.


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