Basic boxing drills for you to get fit

Basic boxing drills and exercises

Boxing is a great sport to watch and to follow and it is one of the most popular fight sports for a very long time up to now. However, boxing is not just an entertaining sport but an effective way to get fit and healthy. There are simple boxing exercises that is so simple yet effective in busting your stress and burning those extra and unwanted fats.
Let us get started and here are some of the essential boxing training exercises and drills that you can do at the comfort of your home.

Skipping rope
Who says that you need to need to spend expensive gym membership and exercise equipments to get fast result to burn calories fast? Think again! Skipping ropes would not cost a thing. It’s cheap and easy to find, and you can even make an improvised one.

Why skipping rope is a great way to exercise?
It dramatically improves your body coordination. When you do skipping it get your upper and lower body to coordinates movements. This is not only helpful for boxers only but for you as well. As we all know how important coordination in our body system.

The next good thing about skipping rope exercise is that it increases your cardio. This is very important especially when you easily get tired. It gives you an extra energy boost to do every day activities. You will not get easily get tired when you have rev up your lungs.

Furthermore skipping rope exercise increases joint strength and improves bone density. Whether you are young or old bone you need to strengthen up your bone. Drinking milk might not be enough. To supplement that doing skipping rope exercise is the best option to for you to avoid bone illness and other deficiencies and will also be beneficial for those who have arthritis or rheumatism.

Other benefits are it increases leg power and endurance, tones your muscles and it is an awesome fat burner.

Doing 3 minutes skipping rope exercise will make sense already. Try it to believe.

Shadow boxing
Shadow boxing is the most simple yet a great boxing exercise that will sweat you out, tone your arms and will increase your upper body strength. This is a great way to have muscle cuts in your arms. It will not swell your muscle but will perfectly cut those unwanted arms flab’s.

Shadow boxing will also improve your heart rate and will slightly improve your lung capacity. Not only that, this will also improve your hand and eye coordination.

Running and Sprinting
This is the most effective boxing exercise to lose fats fast. The combination of running and sprinting will do phenomenal effect on your weight. Running and sprinting has been popularly used in other weight loss programs for its effectiveness.

However, for beginners, it advisedly to try jog at first, for you not to have gas out easily because running and sprinting requires a lot from your lungs. The best thing for a newbie to do is to jog at least 15 minutes each day.

Running and sprinting will amazingly increase your cardio. With every day of work you will have energy more than enough to face every day work challenges. These exercises will make you more relax and will bust your stress significantly.

Boxing drills and exercises are great way to get fit without spending. It is not just an entertaining fight sport to watch but is the best tool for you to fight stress, tone your body and to have the best out of your body. Simply do this simple boxing exercises and you will surely reap all the health rewards from it.


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