Tips on How to win Street fights

Winning Street fights 

Street fights do happen especially in a troublesome community, bars, and everywhere but it is usually rare to happen. However, there are people don’t know what to do when this kind untoward incident happens to them. They panic and end up being beaten up. If you are the type person who usually get bullied and being stirred to a street fights here are some of the helpful tips for you to think about.

Don’t panic

For some people this could be scary for them and this is the reason why they panic. There is nothing to fear about if this happens if you know what to do. Panicking would only blur your mind to think right and in a street fight, common sense and sharp thinking is very important. You need to think clear because everything happens fast in a street fight. The first thing that you should remember is keep yourself calm and be aware of your surroundings.

Talk to the person and ask what the problem and walk away

Some people just don’t have anything to do and they just want to stir up trouble without any reasons. If you would buy on their trap they win on their agenda. Street fights are just normal for such people and it is just a waste of time if you stoop down on their level.

Talk to them nicely and don’t meet their anger or else the street fight is on.  If they see that you are not biting their bait to cause trouble they eventually stop bullying. Tell them that you don’t trouble and you don’t have anything against them. If this works then walk away but be alert.

Learn MMA or any martial arts

You have great advantage in a street fight when you know certain martial arts especially MMA. Even you know a little boxing would give you big advantage. Most of these bullies know nothing about martial arts for sure because the person who has knowledge in a certain martial arts knows how to respect.

Enroll to MMA, boxing or any martial arts but I highly recommend MMA, boxing or muay thai because these are lethal and practical martial arts today. If you don’t have time to enrol learn in MMA online. There are many free sources to learn the basics about MMA, boxing and muay thai in the internet.

Always be on top condition

In worst scenarios if you have dealt with the bullies calmly and you see that they are to aggressive be prepared. However, when you are actually involved in this kind of situation it will require you to have a great cardio. Like any fighting or sparring this will need your energy and your lungs.

Make a habit to run or jog in a week so that when you are in a street fights you have the advantage over your opponent. You could make evasive movement and tire them. Once they are tired you could run or if you want hit them till they are knock out.

Hit them on the chin it will surely rattle their brain. Sometimes those bullies needs beat down. It is an advantage in a street fight if you have knowledge in MMA or any martial arts and plus if you have great cardio.

Observe your surroundings and see what you can use as a weapon

In a street fight everything is legal. See if there is anything that you could use as your weapon. It could be your pen, lighter a wall, a stone, a bottle. Everything you see can be a lethal weapon and all you have to do is be creative. This is the reason why you should never panic.

For example you could clinch his head and bump his head against the wall. Anything like that would be used in a street fight. Everything is a weapon even your elbows, fingers, fist etc. These are all be utilised as your weapon just used it wisely. For instance you could use your fingers to poke on your opponent’s eye. Something like that could be used against your opponent.

Focus on their weak parts

Like what I have said everything is legal. Hit the weak parts like their groins, eye, thighs and throat. However be careful because you could someone or injured them greatly. However, when worse situations come used it.

It is hard to be involved in a street fight because you could be hurt or you could hurt someone. This is the reason why you should avoid to get involved first. As much as possible avoiding it should be the main objective. However, there are times you need to fight back and use the tips that I have mentioned. Only use the options given in the worse cases. Always avoid to be in a street fight, this is the only way that you could win it.


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