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Basic boxing training equipment's

If you are familiar with boxing, you usually see boxers train punching and making combos with different punching bags. It seems like they are all the same but actually it has different purposes. These bags play an important role in MMA and in boxing training that is why they are usually in any boxing and MMA gyms.

To make you aware or if you are wanting to set up these bags in your home for boxing training here are the different types of punching bags and its purpose.

Just a reminder, make sure to have your hands wrapped and wear boxing gloves for you to avoid rheumatic hands in the coming future.

Light Bags

This bag is used for fast punching. Hitting it will make it swing. While it swings you need to evade it as if it is your opponent by using bob and weave. This boxing training bag will improve boxers to make fast combinations and avoiding counter punches as it simulates attacks when it swings back to you.

The swings of this bag will also teach boxer hitting different angles. Avoid the bag and hit it while it moves. Try to control it by hitting fast combos as if controlling your opponent. This boxing training bag will dramatically improve you combos and will develop fast hands as well.

Heavy Bags
This bag will develop your punching power. This boxing training equipment is literally heavy and this is why it is important to hand wrapped your hands and wear at least 14 and 16 oz boxing gloves to be safe. To develop your punching power deliberately hit it with power as it moves towards you.
Because this is a heavy bag make sure to punch straight and don’t hit it with a cocked wrist to avoid wrist injuries. Try hitting with long range power bombs such overhands and power hooks. Hitting this bag will surely be fun especially if you are angry with someone and just imagine that you are hitting their faces with this special boxing training bag.

Floor to ceiling bag

This is one of the hardest bags to hit. It will make you look stupid if you are not used to punch this hard moving target. This actually simulates an opponent moving head as a hard target. Real boxers are really hard to hit because of their fast head movement and this is a perfect boxing training to develop accuracy and timing.

In addition, this will also teach how to avoid counter punches. Because when you hit this bag hard it will sure bounces back fast and could hit you as well. When hitting it do head movement left or right and hit it with a counter hook.

This is a fun bag to hit. Practice makes perfect. Once you are used to it, you will tremendously improve your accuracy with your eyes close.

Speed ball

It is some kind of a tear-drop shaped ball hanging in a wooden platform. This is also tough to learn hitting it because it needs timing and arm endurance. You need both hands up to have a perfect timing striking it while it bounces back fast.

This is not popularly used because of its unrealistic punching set up when you need to hit it in a rolling fashion. It is also have an annoying noise and it is not advisable to set-up in your home especially when you have super sensitive neighbours around.

These are just the basic bags that are used in MMA training and boxing training. They have different shapes and sizes and purpose as well. Now you know how to use it and why you need to use it. You now also have the idea which bag you need to set up in your own homes.

Just click the link for ideas on basic boxing drills for fitness.


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