Basic Weight training Workout for boxing

Weight training drills for boxing
Weight training is very important not only in other sports but in boxing as well. Before, weight training was not incorporated in boxing training because there was a belief that weight training would bulk boxers and eventually will slow them down. However, today that is only a myth and boxers now include weight training in their boxing training regiments.

Weight training is very valuable in boxing because increases power, build endurance, it is effective is losing fats, and strengthens the bones. This weight training routines are not only applicable for boxers but you can do it for fitness as well. If you are planning to train for boxing it is best if you incorporate it.

Before you do some weight lifting, stretch before and after to avoid cramps and to better perform all the weight training drills. These weight training workouts only need two dumbbells and one barbell. If your lucky to have one use it if you haven't got one yet don't hesitate to buy one. You can find any of this sport equipment in all sports shop and it doesn’t cost too much.

If you want, you can make improvised dumbbells and barbells out of cement, cans and pipe. However, this will eat your time and it’s better to buy instead. These kinds of sports equipment are life time investment that is very useable and practical to use. So it is better to buy one if you haven’t had this sort of basic weight training equipment.

To give you ideas on what weight training exercises specifically for boxing, here are some of the basic weight training drills. Just a reminder, do weight training at least twice a week for best results.

To make it simple and easy to what kind of exercises that you need to do, I’ll use pictures. Do 10 repetitions by 3 sets. You need to rest for 30 seconds after each 10 repetition. The first repetition will be slightly easy and will be difficult as you continue.


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