Is a Muay Thai kick the most powerful among other martial arts?

How powerful and dangerous is a Muay Thai kick

A Muay Thai kick is equal to a swing of a baseball bat

Muay Thai is martial arts originated from Thailand. It is called the martial arts of eight limbs. Unlike other martial arts, it utilizes not just punches and kicks but with elbows and knees. Furthermore, what make this sport unique is that it doesn’t make use of the feet to kick but with the shins instead. This is why Muay Thai is said to one of most hardest and brutal kicks in the Martial Arts world.

How strong are the kicks of a professional Muay Thai Fighther? Could it kill or break a bone of any opponent? In Muay Thai, it is said to be that a Muay Thai kick is equivalent to the power of swinging baseball bat. If that is true, a Muay Thai kick could actually break your skull, break your ribs and injure your thighs.

Why are Muay Thai so powerful and how did they do it? There was once a movie of Van Damme, where in there was scene where he was training and one part of his preparation was to kick a small coconut tree. This is quite impossible and you might think it just an exaggeration.

However, this crazy idea of kicking a hard wood with a bare shin is actually true. To make their bones harder than rock, a traditional Muay Thai fighter practiced and actually need to kick a tree or anything like that to harden their bone as part of their training. Furthermore, they spent gruesome hours kicking heavy bags to develop power, accuracy and technique.

In addition, Muay Thai fighters have one of the hardest training in Martial Arts. They need to do super hard calisthenics to make their core and lower body ready to take any physical punishment such as a swing of a baseball bat.

On the other hand, because of the effectiveness of Muay Thai as a lethal and effective martial arts, it has been used and utilized by many MMA fighters as their striking arsenal. One of the most dangerous MMA fighter today was once a Muay Thai fighter and now has the most accurate striking technique in the MMA world, he is no other than the UFC middleweight champ, Anderson “The Spider" Silva. He is a living proof how dangerous and effective Muay Thai is and how powerful Muay Thai strikes are and that includes the heavy kicks of Muay Thai.

In some actual MMA fight or Muay Thai competition, I have seen many “jaw dropping” knock outs by a head to shin contact. The results are usually devastating and shocking. A fighter, who has been hit with a shin of a Muay Thai fighter, would actually look like a timber falling down in the canvass. They can hardly stand-up and sometimes left unconscious for several minutes or being rushed to the nearest hospital.

Are you not yet convince how strong and dangerous Muay Thai kicks are? At first I couldn’t believe how hard the shins or how hard a Muay Thai kick is. But with actual figures and science, all my doubts have been vanished.

Science now has curiously explored this mystery. Is a Muay Thai kick the most lethal and powerful kick in Martial arts? How hard are the shins of a MMA fighter? Are they even harder than a hardest wood type baseball bat? These questions have been answered and watch this video and click this link, Muay Thai kick. If you haven’t seen this yet, all the questions here have been answered.


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