Reasons Why Women Should try Training for MMA

If you want to sweat it out, MMA is a complete full body workout with a lot of plus.

When you say MMA training it is automatically branded as a tough sports for men, a physical and brutal combats sport. In addition, MMA training is said to be a guy thing and women and some guys would not consider of trying it. However, this all might be true but in some way it is also not because MMA training is also perfect for women who want to get fit and finding ways to learn a martial art for self-defense.

MMA is a unisex sports and there are actually females competing in the amateur and professional level. The fact is MMA training is perfectly for females as well. If you are not still convince why you should try this sport for fitness, to get in shape or just to learn a martial arts, here are the reasons why you need to try it.

It is absolutely good for your health

If you are looking for an exciting way to get fit, MMA training is perfect for you. MMA is the incorporation of several martial arts like boxing, wrestling, muay thai/kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. This means that you are going to train for these basic MMA martial arts. Training for these varieties of martial arts is fun and you will not get bored for sure.

MMA training is physically demanding and this will improve your cardio, flexibility, weight management and other health benefits. Unlike going to the gym and lifting some weight, it is more a complete package; it’s a gym work out plus a lot of fun and new things to learn.

You learn the most effective and practical martial arts today

MMA is one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense because it incorporates the different aspect of the defending which is striking and grappling. If you begin to learn MMA you will add a skill, which is the ability to defend yourself when it is needed. This will also boost your confidence knowing to defend yourself in tough situations.

Let’s face it. Women are vulnerable to all sorts of abuses. If you have a weapon which is the skill of MMA, you could use it in your own advantage when you need it.

It is a great stress buster

If you are type of person who is usually in a stressful situation, like in your work, business and every day stress of life, MMA training is the best way to bust it. Doing the punching drills like mitts and heavy bags punching is somehow therapeutic. If you have angst on someone or just want to blurt out what you feel blow the bags as hard as you can and you will definitely feel better after. Just see for yourself and try it.

Additional Skills for you

MMA is as a skill that is developed through constant training. If you begin to adapt MMA as your way of life, you will become better at it or perhaps you will think of competing. Not everyone knows any form of martial arts and if you decide to do MMA training, you will surely stand out from the rest.

Great body

MMA training like what I have said is physically challenging. If you want to cut weight fast and naturally MMA training is perfect for it. Unlike gym workout you will bulk your muscles but in MMA it will only shape up your arms, core and gluts and your lower body because you will dramatically burn all your fats. If you really desire to be sexy and fit, try MMA training I can attest to that that you will thank yourself for doing it.

These are some of the practical reasons why women need to try MMA for fitness, well being, and self-defense. MMA is not just a combat sport but a great alternative for weight loss and for a better lifestyle. Just try and see for yourself you will understand what I’m telling.

How to Find The Right MMA Gym in Your Area


MMA is the fastest growing sports indeed not only as a combat sport but an alternative to get fit and to learn a skill of self-defense.  Because of the rising demand, MMA gyms are growing in numbers and choosing the perfect gym is such a task.

To help you find the right MMA gym, here are the simple and easy steps.

Step 1 – Ask and find out if they teach MMA

You need to find out if they are really teaching MMA. Because of the rising popularity of this combat sports, some MMA gyms pretend to offer such to gain more clients. If they are honest enough or if they have no intentions of pretending, they will usually point you in the direction to another school that they know that is right for you.

Step 2 – Search the schools, the name of owners and instructors in the in the internet

Search the information that you have on the internet like the name of the owners, the school and instructors. You will be amazed to find out some detail of them from the internet. In this manner your will be able to know the credibility of the gyms that you are interested to join.

You will also be able get more information such as the accomplishments and the credentials of the school and the instructors.

Step 3 – Know the programs and martial arts styles that they teach

For a well rounded and efficient MMA training, you need to look for a school that teaches striking, ground game, and take down training.  This should be your standard for an effective MMA training. See to it that they train the different martial arts separately. It should have a program for striking and ground training.

Step 4 – Don’t be shy to Ask to try a free class.

Ask for a free lesson. This would help you to decide whether they are offering the right MMA training for you. Event they don’t advertise a free introductory class, they will surely give you one if you demand for it. If they refuse, it is a sign that they are not that trustworthy.

The free lesson will give you a chance to see and observe some of the important factors before you decide: The school’s ambiance, the class structure, skills of the instructors, the fun factor and the skills of the other students.

These are the things that would help you decide whether they are the perfect one for you.

Step 5 – Know how much all the cost is

Make sure that there are no hidden charges. It is your right to know all the cost. Ask for the break down for all the things that you need to pay for.

Now you are ready to learn MMA. Always remember to have fun and this is the chance to meet new friends that have the same interest as you do. Be respectful and maximize all that you paid for.

What to Prepare Before Your MMA Training


 MMA training could be fun and exciting. However, there are few things you need to prepare before you could immediately jump to the pool. In order for you to maximize your mma training, here the list that you need to check.

Be physically prepared

MMA training is very physically demanding. You will have a hard time adjusting performing the drills and exercises at first if it is your first time to get involved in any sports training. One important thing that you need to check is your cardio. MMA training drills are very exhausting and will require more of your lung capacity.

Without proper preparation for your conditioning like your cardio, you will waste your time and money in the gym because you will tire  immediately. If you want to learn fast and advance your skill. Prepare for your cardio first. Increase your cardio by running or sprinting days before you train.

Buy your own boxing gloves or mma gloves

There are gyms that offer extra gloves for their student. However, if you are going to ask me it’s not hygienic to use them. Used gloves actually stink especially if it is being used by other hands many times over. Sweat, odour and dirt are all there and bacteria as well.

Buy your own boxing gloves or MMA gloves. The required size for training is at least 14 – 16 oz gloves. It is better to buy the branded ones so that you could use them for a long time. One thing, high quality boxing gloves would protect your wrist and fist from injuries such as sprain or bone fracture on your knuckle. Don’t hesitate spending on the expensive gloves, they are all worth it.

Prepare Hand wraps

I’m not choosy in terms of hand wraps. Buy any brands that you want; you don’t need to purchase expensive ones. You just need to have 2 pair at least. Hand wraps are very important to protect your knuckles for its bones not to break. If you don’t know how to hand wrap your fist, you could ask your trainer for assistance and ask them to teach you how to do it.


Crossover shoes would do. You will need it when you do skipping and running. But there are MMA drills that will require you to be in bare foot like ground drills and ground sparring. Striking training such as muay thai or kick boxing is done with your barefoot as well.


For some MMA class, they don’t require you to wear gi in their jiu jitsu training. Comfortable T’s are fine. Just make sure that they are clean and well washed. You don’t want your gym mates or sparring partners avoid you, do you? So come in with a fresh, well cleaned and comfortable t-shirts.

For your shorts, there are MMA shorts available. They maybe expensive but they are durable and very stretchable. If you buy with a good brand, you will not worry about it getting slit. If you are out of budget, you could purchase shorts that are highly stretchable even they are not specifically for mma. There are also cheap board shorts as an alternative.

Mouth piece, rash guards, head gears and etc

This is optional if you are only serious about training. They are all required in sparring especially in striking sparring sessions. Buy the high quality mma gears because they are to protect you from injuries. Good brands are scientifically designed to protect fighters from severe injuries.

They even have good customer support. They also have good warranty which means that they have good quality and therefore you could use them for a long time. Buy the good ones if you want to train how to really fight.

For beginners these are just some of the important things to prepare. If you are well decided to pursue your MMA training that is the time to add on the things you need. Enjoy your training and always remember to have fun.

Ground MMA Sparring Tips


Ground MMA sparring tips

Generally people know how to throw any punches which means it is easier to jump immediately to stand-up sparring. In ground fighting is a bit different and most of first timers are clueless. You are surely in great danger if you are about to spar with a much experience ground fighter and the fight would end that easily. That could be scary!

However, there are ways to prepare and to be aware of that will change your training perspective and will eventually take some pressure off you. Training is much fun if you know what you should do and here they are.

Always protect and guard your arms

Pushing your opponent with extended arms while they are rolling is the easiest way to get submitted. There are times when you need to push your adversary but you need to be more careful when you do this. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your arms close to your body always.

If you are caught with an arm locked and this would probably happen from time to time, try to analyze where you got trapped and never put yourself on that position again. Always put that in mind that you need to protect your arms.

Protect and guard your neck

Aside from your arms, you should guard your neck as well. For sure, you will get choked into submission when you forget to protect your neck. Protect it in several ways. First, don’t allow your opponent grab you collars with their bare hands if you are wearing with your gi. Second, don’t allow then to put your head under their armpits and you will avoid the guillotine choke. And lastly, when their arms are aggressively going to your neck, fight by fighting with your hands to stop them from getting toward it. It is a sure tapout for you if you allow them to easily get your neck.

If you are caught with a tight choke it will not hurt but if you will not tap, it will get you unconscious. It is a bit weird feeling as you get you conscious again because you see the matt instead your bed. Not a good feeling but it happens.

Utilize your hips

This is very applicable when you are on the bottom. Try your very best not just to lie down when your opponent is on full mount position or on top position. When your adversary works on a choke, arm lock or leg lock use your hips. Your two legs can create a powerful movement when you plant them well on the ground.

Move your hips high using your both legs and create a strong bridging motion to weaken your opponent forcing them to release any lock or submission moves. This motion would also get you out of a bad situation and sometimes will allow you to get on top. Do this as a defensive move and you will be hard to control.

Hone your defenses and escapes

In terms of training technique drills, escapes and defensive is less exciting to learn than a submission hold or takedowns but they are as important and you it is one of the skills that you need to master on the ground. Focus on the details when you practice these drills because you will greatly benefit from it to survive dangerous situations. If you have extra cash, take time to invest and have a private lesson with your instructor and master defences and escapes. It is surely worth it!

 Learn to accept defeat

If you are beaten by your opponents sometimes weaker than you, learn to accept it. It is all part of the learning process.  It will sometimes let you down or make you feel a bit depressed. These are the things that are part of the learning curve. Like any sports, you will need to experience such thing before you get better at it. Keep your head up, accept and learn from it.

Now you know what you are going to expect and do on your mma ground sparring. Always keep a good learning attitude and never forget to have fun. Enjoy your training!

How to Do the Jab


One of the most important punches in boxing is the jab. It is the bread and butter in boxing. It is like dribbling in basketball. If you really want to be good at boxing, you need to master the jab first.

The jab is the starter of any boxing combinations because it is a very effective punch to open up the defence of your adversary. Before throwing power combinations or a punch, a jab is usually thrown first before any punches.  It is a very effective punch to before any power shots.

If you want to learn how to do the jab, here are the step by step guide on how to do it right.

1. Stand up with your boxing stance and you should target the mirror. Your body should not be square in the mirror, but should be forty five degrees or so to the side. It should be a straight line between the mirror and your lead hand. Your head should be tucked like there is a tennis ball between your chin and your chest. Furthermore, your shoulders should be slightly covering your rib cage.

Your lead arm shoulder or your fist should cover your chin. Right hand should be positioned against your cheekbone.

2. Extend your arm straight out and there should no looping or winding up. It should go straight out. Do it slowly first and practice. Do it until you get familiar with it. Remember to extend your lead arm straight.

3. Before your arm gets extended turn your fist 90 degrees and your thumb should be parallel to the floor. Just imagine before the moment of impact your fist should be in that position.

The purpose of turning your fist is for power and impact of the first 2-3 knuckles which are harder than the other knuckles. You could break your knuckle if you wrongly use your pinky and ring finger knuckle. It is for safety as well.

Breaking the bones of the knuckles are the common injuries in boxing and one thing that you should be careful about. Furthermore, technique is very important in boxing and these are the details that you need to pay attention to.

In addition, when you twist your fist it will bring your shoulder into your chin to give you protection from counter punches. See to it that your arm is full extended because in this manner your shoulder would cover your chin.

This technique is a great defence for counter punches especially on the part where you throw the jab which is the lead hand part of the chin.

4. Remember, after throwing your jab, immediately snap back your fist to its original defensive position. Don’t push your jab; throw with speed not with power. It is also a technique to measure the distance between you and your opponent.

5. To have the maximum power of your jab, you need to twist your hips and upper body. It is hard to describe it here but you could watch some videos that will instruct on how to do it.

This is how you should do the jab. Practice is the key to perfection. Just do it slowly until you get used to it. Have fun and master the jab first and start adding more punches and to create your own boxing combinations.


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