3 Basic Boxing Combos That You Could Use in a Street Fight

Boxing is one of most basic yet very effective to use for self-defense especially in a street fight. Why boxing?  The reason is that in actual combat it usually starts in standing up. In a street fight, you usually get to fight someone who has no knowledge of any martial arts because bullies just really on their guts and sheer strength.

You have a great advantage in a street fight if you have a little knowledge in boxing. If you want to learn any form martial arts, boxing is a great foundation for it. It is also a great prerequisite if decide later on  training for MMA.

It is very easy to defeat someone on a street fight if you know how to box. So, if you have no idea what boxing moves, combos and things that you should do to strike your opponent, here are the basic and simple boxing striking manoeuvres that you could use.

The one 1-2 punch

This boxing punch would stun your opponent because this is the fastest punch in boxing. The jab uses your lead hand which is the closest to your opponent that is why it would land faster than any punch especially if you are facing with an opponent with no martial arts knowledge.

The jab is the starter before throwing any powerful punch. When you unleash the jab, your opponent will surely get surprised. This is best being followed up with a powerful straight which is called the 1-2 punch.

Once sting by a jab, immediately throw a straight and target the chin. You goal is to finish the fight immediately because if you prolong the fight you might ran of gas, so it is better to finish it right away with your straight punch after the jab.

Jab and a powerful hook or overhand

Every fight has different circumstances. However, it is just basic to throw a jab before you could throw your powerful shot. It is very important to make sure that your opponent is widely open and quite unprepared with what you are going to do next.

A powerful shot such as hook or a overhand should be set up with a jab first. As what I have said a jab would really stun your opponent especially if your jab is executed with speed and a little power because it is painful whether with power or with or just a little effort.

Your powerful hook or overhand should target the chin. Make sure to hit the left tip or right to tip of it. This will surely rattle the brain of your adversary and will send them down to the floor. When they are down you could go full mount and do the ground and pound. But this is optional because if you have delivered the right shot at the right spot this could already put them unconscious.

Two jabs and a power hook to the liver

The two jabs will definitely put your opponent off balance and a great way to set up for a strong hook to the liver. This will fold your opponent if you throw it right at the button or with an open rib cage. But before you could do these combinations, makes sure that your nemesis is not covering his rib and it is wide open for a good shot.

These are just the basic boxing combinations of punches that you could use in a street fight. However, before you could master everything, you need to practice for perfect execution. This is where the boxing training comes in.

Because in boxing training, you will be trained to do different combinations and you need to memorize it by heart through drills like the mitts and punching heavy bags. It is also important to learn and master the right technique because it is everything.

I greatly encourage everyone to try boxing or MMA training for fitness and self defense because it is the basic and most effective and practical martial art that you could apply when it is needed. If you have additional suggestions you could post a comment that you think that is applicable in a street fight. Thank you for reading.


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