How to Do the Jab

One of the most important punches in boxing is the jab. It is the bread and butter in boxing. It is like dribbling in basketball. If you really want to be good at boxing, you need to master the jab first.

The jab is the starter of any boxing combinations because it is a very effective punch to open up the defence of your adversary. Before throwing power combinations or a punch, a jab is usually thrown first before any punches.  It is a very effective punch to before any power shots.

If you want to learn how to do the jab, here are the step by step guide on how to do it right.

1. Stand up with your boxing stance and you should target the mirror. Your body should not be square in the mirror, but should be forty five degrees or so to the side. It should be a straight line between the mirror and your lead hand. Your head should be tucked like there is a tennis ball between your chin and your chest. Furthermore, your shoulders should be slightly covering your rib cage.

Your lead arm shoulder or your fist should cover your chin. Right hand should be positioned against your cheekbone.

2. Extend your arm straight out and there should no looping or winding up. It should go straight out. Do it slowly first and practice. Do it until you get familiar with it. Remember to extend your lead arm straight.

3. Before your arm gets extended turn your fist 90 degrees and your thumb should be parallel to the floor. Just imagine before the moment of impact your fist should be in that position.

The purpose of turning your fist is for power and impact of the first 2-3 knuckles which are harder than the other knuckles. You could break your knuckle if you wrongly use your pinky and ring finger knuckle. It is for safety as well.

Breaking the bones of the knuckles are the common injuries in boxing and one thing that you should be careful about. Furthermore, technique is very important in boxing and these are the details that you need to pay attention to.

In addition, when you twist your fist it will bring your shoulder into your chin to give you protection from counter punches. See to it that your arm is full extended because in this manner your shoulder would cover your chin.

This technique is a great defence for counter punches especially on the part where you throw the jab which is the lead hand part of the chin.

4. Remember, after throwing your jab, immediately snap back your fist to its original defensive position. Don’t push your jab; throw with speed not with power. It is also a technique to measure the distance between you and your opponent.

5. To have the maximum power of your jab, you need to twist your hips and upper body. It is hard to describe it here but you could watch some videos that will instruct on how to do it.

This is how you should do the jab. Practice is the key to perfection. Just do it slowly until you get used to it. Have fun and master the jab first and start adding more punches and to create your own boxing combinations.


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