Ground MMA Sparring Tips

Ground MMA sparring tips

Generally people know how to throw any punches which means it is easier to jump immediately to stand-up sparring. In ground fighting is a bit different and most of first timers are clueless. You are surely in great danger if you are about to spar with a much experience ground fighter and the fight would end that easily. That could be scary!

However, there are ways to prepare and to be aware of that will change your training perspective and will eventually take some pressure off you. Training is much fun if you know what you should do and here they are.

Always protect and guard your arms

Pushing your opponent with extended arms while they are rolling is the easiest way to get submitted. There are times when you need to push your adversary but you need to be more careful when you do this. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your arms close to your body always.

If you are caught with an arm locked and this would probably happen from time to time, try to analyze where you got trapped and never put yourself on that position again. Always put that in mind that you need to protect your arms.

Protect and guard your neck

Aside from your arms, you should guard your neck as well. For sure, you will get choked into submission when you forget to protect your neck. Protect it in several ways. First, don’t allow your opponent grab you collars with their bare hands if you are wearing with your gi. Second, don’t allow then to put your head under their armpits and you will avoid the guillotine choke. And lastly, when their arms are aggressively going to your neck, fight by fighting with your hands to stop them from getting toward it. It is a sure tapout for you if you allow them to easily get your neck.

If you are caught with a tight choke it will not hurt but if you will not tap, it will get you unconscious. It is a bit weird feeling as you get you conscious again because you see the matt instead your bed. Not a good feeling but it happens.

Utilize your hips

This is very applicable when you are on the bottom. Try your very best not just to lie down when your opponent is on full mount position or on top position. When your adversary works on a choke, arm lock or leg lock use your hips. Your two legs can create a powerful movement when you plant them well on the ground.

Move your hips high using your both legs and create a strong bridging motion to weaken your opponent forcing them to release any lock or submission moves. This motion would also get you out of a bad situation and sometimes will allow you to get on top. Do this as a defensive move and you will be hard to control.

Hone your defenses and escapes

In terms of training technique drills, escapes and defensive is less exciting to learn than a submission hold or takedowns but they are as important and you it is one of the skills that you need to master on the ground. Focus on the details when you practice these drills because you will greatly benefit from it to survive dangerous situations. If you have extra cash, take time to invest and have a private lesson with your instructor and master defences and escapes. It is surely worth it!

 Learn to accept defeat

If you are beaten by your opponents sometimes weaker than you, learn to accept it. It is all part of the learning process.  It will sometimes let you down or make you feel a bit depressed. These are the things that are part of the learning curve. Like any sports, you will need to experience such thing before you get better at it. Keep your head up, accept and learn from it.

Now you know what you are going to expect and do on your mma ground sparring. Always keep a good learning attitude and never forget to have fun. Enjoy your training!


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