What to Prepare Before Your MMA Training

 MMA training could be fun and exciting. However, there are few things you need to prepare before you could immediately jump to the pool. In order for you to maximize your mma training, here the list that you need to check.

Be physically prepared

MMA training is very physically demanding. You will have a hard time adjusting performing the drills and exercises at first if it is your first time to get involved in any sports training. One important thing that you need to check is your cardio. MMA training drills are very exhausting and will require more of your lung capacity.

Without proper preparation for your conditioning like your cardio, you will waste your time and money in the gym because you will tire  immediately. If you want to learn fast and advance your skill. Prepare for your cardio first. Increase your cardio by running or sprinting days before you train.

Buy your own boxing gloves or mma gloves

There are gyms that offer extra gloves for their student. However, if you are going to ask me it’s not hygienic to use them. Used gloves actually stink especially if it is being used by other hands many times over. Sweat, odour and dirt are all there and bacteria as well.

Buy your own boxing gloves or MMA gloves. The required size for training is at least 14 – 16 oz gloves. It is better to buy the branded ones so that you could use them for a long time. One thing, high quality boxing gloves would protect your wrist and fist from injuries such as sprain or bone fracture on your knuckle. Don’t hesitate spending on the expensive gloves, they are all worth it.

Prepare Hand wraps

I’m not choosy in terms of hand wraps. Buy any brands that you want; you don’t need to purchase expensive ones. You just need to have 2 pair at least. Hand wraps are very important to protect your knuckles for its bones not to break. If you don’t know how to hand wrap your fist, you could ask your trainer for assistance and ask them to teach you how to do it.


Crossover shoes would do. You will need it when you do skipping and running. But there are MMA drills that will require you to be in bare foot like ground drills and ground sparring. Striking training such as muay thai or kick boxing is done with your barefoot as well.


For some MMA class, they don’t require you to wear gi in their jiu jitsu training. Comfortable T’s are fine. Just make sure that they are clean and well washed. You don’t want your gym mates or sparring partners avoid you, do you? So come in with a fresh, well cleaned and comfortable t-shirts.

For your shorts, there are MMA shorts available. They maybe expensive but they are durable and very stretchable. If you buy with a good brand, you will not worry about it getting slit. If you are out of budget, you could purchase shorts that are highly stretchable even they are not specifically for mma. There are also cheap board shorts as an alternative.

Mouth piece, rash guards, head gears and etc

This is optional if you are only serious about training. They are all required in sparring especially in striking sparring sessions. Buy the high quality mma gears because they are to protect you from injuries. Good brands are scientifically designed to protect fighters from severe injuries.

They even have good customer support. They also have good warranty which means that they have good quality and therefore you could use them for a long time. Buy the good ones if you want to train how to really fight.

For beginners these are just some of the important things to prepare. If you are well decided to pursue your MMA training that is the time to add on the things you need. Enjoy your training and always remember to have fun.


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