The Advantages of Learning Boxing Online

Learn MMA online

Boxing has gone a long way since it started. Today, boxing is not just only for individuals who wish to compete in the Olympics, in the amateur or in the professional level. Nowadays, boxing is a great aerobic and anaerobic workout and a practical form of martial art for self defense.

Furthermore, boxing gyms are now flourishing like mushrooms all over the world because many people including me are now encouraged to learn boxing. However, for some people finding time to enroll for a boxing class is quite impossible. Because of this demand - for people who want to learn boxing but don't have the chance to get enrolled for a boxing class, boxing lessons online now are available.

The desire for people to learn boxing at home is now a reality. But, with this opportunity, have you ever taught of the advantages of learning boxing online? This is the reason why I wrote this article, to let the people get encourage to learn boxing at home through the Internet.

To guide you before you decide enrolling or buying boxing lessons on the Internet, here are the different advantages of it.

No annoying students

It is a reality that there are unlikable people in a boxing gym or class because there are students that are very cocky. Based on my experience, there actually people that are quite annoying in the gym. They are the people who are so egotistical that they pretend that know everything. They are the bragger type of people that who pretend that are very good at what they are doing.

When you are type of individual who is annoyed with this kind of people, learning boxing at home is for you. You could learn and focus on what you need to master without this pesky people around. You don't need to adjust on different types of people around because you train all alone. The great thing about doing boxing training alone is that you could really focus.

Train at your own phase

There is no trainer around so the only one that could do the decisions for your phase is you. You could make your own goal, own time, and your own training drills. There is no pressure and it could be a lot of fun.

Pressure sometimes affects your concentration. But if you train alone with a guide, there is a possibility that you could adopt and learn the technique fast. There is no mental hindrance such pressure from your trainer or people around you and therefore there would be acceleration on what you are learning.


Monthly boxing fees are an added expense for you. If you have purchased a onetime boxing training manual, it is a life time investment. If you are going to sum up the fees let us say for five years, it is quite a huge amount that you could use for other things which is much important for you, like travel, education or just savings for investments.

Training at home

Training at home is a lot of fun because you don't only train comfortably; you could also invite your love ones to join you. That would be very exciting for you, training with your kids, your wife, or friends. This is also a great bonding time with a lot of health advantages not only for you but your loved ones as well.

Save time

If you are such a very busy person learning boxing through the Internet or purchasing a boxing lesson manual online could save a lot of time. You don't need to travel or drive to a boxing gyms especially it is too far from you. There is also option for you to train after office and being at home early.

After you train, you also don't need to drive back to your home which is quite tiring. Working and training is quite a task and if you train at home you could immediately rest without driving way back home.

There are actually tons of advantages of learning boxing online at home. Learning through this medium is the best option for you, if you just want to learn boxing for fitness. However, if you want to advance by competing it could be an option for you. Learning boxing online at home is quite fun, so give it a try.

3 Basic Boxing Combos That You Could Use in a Street Fight


Boxing is one of most basic yet very effective to use for self-defense especially in a street fight. Why boxing?  The reason is that in actual combat it usually starts in standing up. In a street fight, you usually get to fight someone who has no knowledge of any martial arts because bullies just really on their guts and sheer strength.

You have a great advantage in a street fight if you have a little knowledge in boxing. If you want to learn any form martial arts, boxing is a great foundation for it. It is also a great prerequisite if decide later on  training for MMA.

It is very easy to defeat someone on a street fight if you know how to box. So, if you have no idea what boxing moves, combos and things that you should do to strike your opponent, here are the basic and simple boxing striking manoeuvres that you could use.

The one 1-2 punch

This boxing punch would stun your opponent because this is the fastest punch in boxing. The jab uses your lead hand which is the closest to your opponent that is why it would land faster than any punch especially if you are facing with an opponent with no martial arts knowledge.

The jab is the starter before throwing any powerful punch. When you unleash the jab, your opponent will surely get surprised. This is best being followed up with a powerful straight which is called the 1-2 punch.

Once sting by a jab, immediately throw a straight and target the chin. You goal is to finish the fight immediately because if you prolong the fight you might ran of gas, so it is better to finish it right away with your straight punch after the jab.

Jab and a powerful hook or overhand

Every fight has different circumstances. However, it is just basic to throw a jab before you could throw your powerful shot. It is very important to make sure that your opponent is widely open and quite unprepared with what you are going to do next.

A powerful shot such as hook or a overhand should be set up with a jab first. As what I have said a jab would really stun your opponent especially if your jab is executed with speed and a little power because it is painful whether with power or with or just a little effort.

Your powerful hook or overhand should target the chin. Make sure to hit the left tip or right to tip of it. This will surely rattle the brain of your adversary and will send them down to the floor. When they are down you could go full mount and do the ground and pound. But this is optional because if you have delivered the right shot at the right spot this could already put them unconscious.

Two jabs and a power hook to the liver

The two jabs will definitely put your opponent off balance and a great way to set up for a strong hook to the liver. This will fold your opponent if you throw it right at the button or with an open rib cage. But before you could do these combinations, makes sure that your nemesis is not covering his rib and it is wide open for a good shot.

These are just the basic boxing combinations of punches that you could use in a street fight. However, before you could master everything, you need to practice for perfect execution. This is where the boxing training comes in.

Because in boxing training, you will be trained to do different combinations and you need to memorize it by heart through drills like the mitts and punching heavy bags. It is also important to learn and master the right technique because it is everything.

I greatly encourage everyone to try boxing or MMA training for fitness and self defense because it is the basic and most effective and practical martial art that you could apply when it is needed. If you have additional suggestions you could post a comment that you think that is applicable in a street fight. Thank you for reading.

How To Develop Punching Power


Having a punching power is somewhat a gift. However, like talents and personal abilities it can be developed and harnessed. If you think you are not naturally gifted to have that knock-out punch, here are some of the simple tips to follow and in time you will be able to achieve the goal of putting someone into dream land.

Know how to punch right

Even you are physically gifted or let us say you have great physique it doesn’t mean immediately that you could easily knock someone out. If you don’t know how to punch the right way, your strength is still useless even let us say you have a lean and strong body maybe because you are working out. Knowing the right way to punch is the missing equation for some fighters who have great physique but don’t have the knockout power.

Have you observed in a MMA match that there are fighters that are not that physically muscular but could still knock their opponent out? In addition, have you seen much bulkier and physically stronger guys that couldn’t end a fight with a knock out? That is the technique is all about. Knowing how to punch properly is the missing piece.

If you still don’t know the basic punches are and how to actually do them, learn the basic boxing punches first and practice them in front of the mirror or if you are in enrolled in to a boxing class or MMA class ask your trainer how to do it right.

Technique is very important not physically power or strength alone. Don’t get intimidated with much bigger and stronger guys because they might not have the knowledge of to punch in a right manner. On the other hand you would have the advantage on them if you have the right technique.

Master the right stance

Power doesn’t only end and start with strong core and powerful hands but with the right stance. Balance is very important before for delivering the knockout punch because it all starts with the ground. This is what kinetic energy is all about.

You need to remember that before you punch see to it that you are in the right stance. The perfect stance for your strongest punch is the boxing stance. When you are in a real fight always move with this stance because this is where the power comes. This is the most basic in all martial arts or other sports, the right stance.

Work on you core

Strong core is the icing in the cake. It is where the explosiveness comes from. There are simple calisthenics that you could do to develop your core, like push ups, sit-ups, and other dumbbell exercises. There are core workouts for boxing that you could do in your home using the dumbbells and barbells.

Continuous working out on your core would not only give you a powerful hands but a great body as well. Focus working on your arms chest and back. Don’t forget to include you lower part especially your legs. Do skipping rope, running and sprinting. These are basic leg exercises yet very effective. You will not only have great lower body strength but great cardio as well.


These are some of my helpful and practical tips that could develop your punching power. If you want to have the advance methods there you could join an MMA or boxing class online or in a real gym. In this manner you could actually learn the advance and detailed method to develop your punching power. I hope that I was able to give you some ideas and if you still don’t train for any martial arts try MMA or boxing.

Basic Boxing Punches

Boxing is one of the basic martial arts in MMA that is very practical an easy to learn. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of boxing that you need know and develop are the boxing punches. Because boxing is a combat sport that uses the fist, you need to know the basic punches that are being utilized in this sport. Here are the basic punches usually used in boxing that you need to be familiar with.


The jab is the easiest to practice and learn among all the boxing punches. In boxing, jab purposely is a defensive punch. Moreover, it is also essential if you really want to master boxing.  Like in basketball you need to know how to dribble and if want to master boxing you need first to learn the jab.  It is a punch wherein you measure your distance of your opponent or perhaps a defensive punch to create distance and prevent your opponent to get closer.  In terms of speed, jab is the fastest and it would land first compared to other boxing punches. This is the reason why it is usually used as a defensive striking arsenal.

However, jabs have no power but if landed properly it could knock out and opponent. Take for example how Anderson Silva put Forrest Griffin out with a jab. With just a snap right at the chin it has the potential of knocking out your adversary. This is one of the boxing punches that are highly used as well especially there is reach and height advantage.

How to do the jab is easy. I’ll give the instructions to a right hander and if you are a left hander,  just reverse it.

I assume you know the boxing stance, just click the boxing stance if you still don’t know how to do it. When throwing the jab, the lead hand or the hand that is in front of you is what you are going to use. Some say that you don’t really don’t need to put some power when you punch the jab.

The proper or the technical way to do it is to slightly twist your hips and upper body then snap you right fist pointing straight then bring it back right away to its same position. Always remember that you need to protect yourself, this is the reason why you need to bring back your lead hand back to its position.

The straight or the cross

This boxing punch is one with power because the straight or the cross comes with much force and power. In addition, you will use your strongest arm. If you are a right hander, you right hand is the strongest compared to your left vice versa.

It is very effective when it is used after a jab. The reason for this is that the straight is much easier to anticipate and you are more vulnerable to counters. You really need to set up first before you unleash this punch and the jab is the best way to break in to your opponent’s defense.

To launch a straight punch you need to twist your hips and your body and target straight ahead. Don’t lean forward just twist and snap. Make it a habit to cover your chin immediately right after a punch to avoid dangerous counter punches.

The Hook

This is very effective to use on charging opponent because they will have a hard time seeing it coming. This is one of the most devastating boxing punches in boxing. This is also one of my favourite punches. If it is delivered with power, balance and technique and made a contact right at the tip of the chin, it is good night for to your opponent.

Hooks can be thrown with your lead hand or with your power hand. Using the hooks with your power hand is effective as a follow up or best combined with you punching combos. You can also use it with your lead hand after throwing a jab.

Most fighters use the hook with their lead hand because of the distance because when you throw a hook with your power hand without any combinations it is easily telegraphed. However, throwing a hook with your lead hand is hardly telegraphed and it will land faster because of the shorter distance.

To throw a hook with your lead hand, twist your hips and shoulders, your fist should like your holding a candle and your elbows is as the same level of your shoulder having a 90 degrees angle. In an actual fight your focus is to hit the chin, ears or the top area of the head. These are the areas of the head that are vulnerable, when hit with power it will surely rock the brain.

Learning mastering these different kinds of boxing punches is very important. Constant practice with the bags and mitts is the key. Once you get the rhythm and timing the power will surely come. Always make sure that you are on the proper stance when throwing these punches and twist your hips and body. These are the techniques that will add up power in your punches. Learn the technique and practice if you really want to become better at it. Master these basic boxing punches first before and you will be on the right track.

Home Boxing Workouts that You Can Try

Boxing has been there for such a long time as a sport and today it not just as a fun sport to watch and to follow but a great alternative to get fit and healthy. Nowadays, boxing is becoming a popular tool for exercise and boxing gyms are now growing in business. However, for some people finding time to enroll for a boxing class is quite impossible.

One good solution for busy people who want to use boxing for fitness and to get healthy is to do home boxing workouts. These are drills and exercises that boxers use in their training. These workouts are so effective in burning fats, increasing your cardio, and muscle toning. To give you idea what part of the boxing training that you can use for boxing workouts, I'll give the list of the basics that you can use immediately.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is one of the boxing drill that are very practical yet the hardest to do. If you are not used to it, it will take you some time to learn. Skipping is very effective in your cardio improvement, burning your fats and toning your lower body specifically your legs, thighs and gluts.


In boxing or in other sports, running has been essential to improve cardio, leg power and endurance to athletes. If you want to lose weight fast, do running at least 15 minutes 3 times a day and you will see great results. It is also a great stress buster. If you make it a habit to run, you are in the right path to great health.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is a boxing drill that is use to develop combinations, balance, footwork, and proper form. If you utilize this as part of your boxing workout, this will improve your cardio, tone your arms and will improve your hand and feet coordination as well.

Bag Work Routines

Boxer's use bag works to improve their hand speed and power. If you have heavy bags in your home, punching your heart out on the bag will bust your stress, tone your arms and will also increase your cardio. Just buy a good pair of boxing gloves and a heavy bag.


Calisthenics are basic exercises that are also used in the marines. They are very practical and you can do it without any equipment. The popular calisthenics that you can do at home are push-ups, leg raises, sit-ups, and other basic exercises particularly that will develop your muscles.

These are just some of the boxing drills that you can use as your home boxing workouts. It is very practical and cheap. All you need to be is to be motivated enough to do all of these. If you really want to get fit and be healthy, try home boxing workouts.

How to Knock Someone Out in a Street Fight

How to knock someone out is a big question for those who don’t have any experience in street fights or any martial arts. You wonder how do people knock out their opponent with just a single blow or even with less effort. Knocking out someone in a street fight is much easier compared if you are into combats sports because trained fighters can take a punches and they are also trained not to be hit easily.

How to knock someone out in a street fight is very easy because most people who stir up street fights no nothing about martial arts like boxing, muay thai, MMA or any martial and therefore you have an advantage if you know how. I have been into street fights twice and I was knocked out once and I was able also to knock some out once. My street fight record is 1-1.

With that, I know how it feels to be knocked out. What they say about seeing stars when you get knocked out is absolutely true. For 3 seconds darkness and some stars was the only one that I can see then. I didn’t actually know how I fell on the ground. It happened so fast.

To give you the tips from what I have learned from my experience, here are some of the tips that hopefully will be helpful to you. My advice is that only hit someone when it is needed or if it is an act of defending yourself from bullies or just some stupid moron out who just stirs up fights.

Learn MMA, Boxing, Muay or any Martial Arts

Knocking someone out has a technical aspect. If you have personal know how or just a little knowledge, you definitely have an advantage on someone who knows nothing and eventually you could knock them out. Learn the basics; there are lot of free resources around especially in the internet.

If you have a little knowledge about boxing, knocking someone out will be easy. This is the reason why I love boxing so much. Boxing is the basic fighting technique that can be used in a street fight. If you know how to punch, you can knock out anyone in a street fight.

Know the basic stance

Punching power really starts from the ground. If you have a good base knock out power will just come naturally. This is what kinetic energy is all about. It starts in the ground and the energy will flow up to your fist.

I highly recommend you to learn the basic boxing stance. Boxing stance is a perfect form for punching because it is specifically for punching.

Know how to punch and know the basic punches

Once you have learned the boxing stance, throw your punch by rotating or twisting your hips and your whole upper body. The twisting process is a helpful motion to deliver power punches. That is what technique is all about. Even if you are not physically gifted but you know the right technique you could actually knock someone out in a street fight.

For me, the punches that you could use to knock someone out are the hooks and the overhands. This are devastating punches in boxing, muay thai, and MMA fights. If you deliver the right technique and timing to the right spot, say good night to your buddy.

I will not discuss here how to make the overhands and hook. I’ll make another blog specifically for it so that the details would be elaborated well.  Just look for videos in YouTube on the punches like hooks and the overhands.

Know where to hit

People get knocked out mainly because it rattled their brains. It only means that when you hit someone where the right spot to shake their brain inside the skull you could knock them out. So what and where the targets are? Where are the right buttons?

One target that you should focus on is the chin. If you watch fights in MMA or boxing, hitting on that part of the face is like a push button. When you hit exactly on that spot it is lights out for your opponent. The chin is the perfect spot to shake the brain.

Hitting your opponent with the right technique, speed and power on that spot will definitely brings them to dreamland. Just try hitting your chin gently and you will feel what I say. It shakes right? What more with power and speed?

These are the tips on how to knock someone out in a street fight. Please don’t apply this just for the sake you want to prove something. I really want you to learn MMA, boxing or muay thai because you will learn how to control yourself and be respectful. Only use what you know for self-defense and never use this to bully someone or just to brag. Knock someone out if it is only needed.

Home Boxing Workouts and Tips

Home boxing workouts that you could try

Boxing workouts are great tool to get fit, buffed, and to be healthy. However, there are still people who prefer gym workout than boxing  workouts. Many people don’t know that home boxing workouts are great alternatives and even more effective to lose weight compared to gym work out there and I have seen many people who have weight problems shred their weight easily and fast with the help of boxing workouts.

To give you idea, here are the top home boxing workouts and drills that you can try if you are serious to lose weight.

Bag work routines

This boxing workout will surely needs a lot of cardio. Punching without any punching bags alone will surely tire you much more with a heavy bag. This workout will tremendously require you lots of energy especially if you are throwing power punches and giving all you got.

Frequent boxing training on punching bags will definitely shape up your arms and upper body. Throwing light punching combinations alone will tire your arms. This only means that it is working effectively and the best part of it is that it will not swell your muscles like if you are lifting some weight in the gym.

This workout is also best for women because this will not bulk their arms but will only shred flabs and will shape up their arms. Personally, it is pretty awkward to see women have bulky arms like guys do and this boxing training workout is perfect for them.

In addition, bag work as a boxing workout is an amazing stress buster especially if you have angst on someone. You will feel good after doing punching drills on the bags and you will feel great. This is very addictive because doing bag work when you are stress will make you a somewhat a psychological high.


What is good about these home boxing workouts exercises is that you don’t need any equipment to perform these drills. You can do it anywhere in your home and even in your room. Calisthenics is widely used in sports and even in military training.

Some common calisthenics are push ups, leg raises, sit-up and other simple exercises that are being incorporated in boxing training and other sports. Actually there are a lot of exercises that don’t require you to go to the gym and they are even free. Furthermore, there are a lot of resources that you can use to get fit in your homes.

You don’t really need to spend money to get a gym membership to be healthy. If you are just resourceful you could get some home boxing workouts programs and do it during your spare time. You will not only get fit but you will same save some dough as well.

Skipping ropes and running

Skipping and running are the most practical boxing workouts available and very effective as well in increasing your cardio, endurance, toning your lower body and burning extra calories. These are cheap drills that you can do anytime you want but it really needs a lot of motivation from you. One worst enemy of people in getting fit and healthy is laziness. If you are not well motivated enough even there are free workout programs, they are all useless.

No doubt about it, home boxing workouts is one of the most effective tools to lose extra pounds. I believe it is more effective and free. Motivation is the only key for you to achieve your desired weight. Just try these simple boxing workouts drills and you would feel better after doing it for the first time.


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