How to Improve Your Cardio for MMA

MMA tips to increase your cardio

Cardio is very important in all sports most especially in MMA. Even you do mixed martial arts for fitness, without cardio you would not perform all of its drills. Mixed martial arts is one the most physically exhaustive sports and very physically challenging as well.

For you to perform all the drill and exercises of MMA you need to be very well physically conditioned and one aspect of it is your cardio. This is the reason why you need to be ready with your oxygen tank before you try to do mixed martial arts. Without a good cardio there is a big possibility that you could vomit because you are gassing out.

Before you begin with your training it is advisable for you to be well conditioned first. You need to be willing enough to train because it will require you a lot of effort and determination. If you are too lazy to stretch some muscle this sport is not for you.

How to increase your cardio before you jump for your MMA training is simple but it will need more of your willingness and drive without it you will not progress. If you are willing enough here are the simple tips from my experience how to prepare your lung to train for mixed martial arts. As what I have said it is very easy. The key here is your desire to train. My suggestion is that you need to prepare at least for one month before you wear your MMA gear for gym.


If you never ran before, you should try to jog first. Jog at least 15 – 20 minutes a day. Do this at least once a week until you are accustomed to it. If you can run straight 15 minutes have a break but don’t take it too long. Rest for 1-2 minutes then jog again. After doing this for a week, it doesn’t mean that you are ready for mixed MMA yet because this is not enough.


After a week of jogging, you lungs now are beginning to adjust. You lungs now should have improved its lungs capacity but it is not enough for MMA training yet this is the reason why you need to try to run now instead of jogging.

Running will require great lung capacity but because you have jogged for a week, I assume that you are now ready to do this. Cardio capacity differs from one person to another but 1 week of jog is the ideal time for you to be prepared to run. In MMA there are activities and drill that will need a lot of air from you and even endurance.


Sprinting is for sudden blast and explosive move for MMA. This is why sprinting is very important. There a difference from these three cardio exercises. Jog is just for preparation, running is for you to have a gas reserve and sprinting is for sudden burst of action such as shooting for a takedown.

After doing jog for one week and running for one week. Sprinting should be incorporate with running. This is how I do it. I run for 5 minutes first. After I have warmed up enough that is by running, I sprint for 1- 2 minutes, and then run again. The only rest for you here is run. Then after you are ready again after a five minutes run, sprint again for 3 minutes.

This just an idea for what you can do with running and sprinting. This is my program. If you wish to do your own it is ok for as long you combine the two.

Jogging, running and sprinting are simple and most effective way to increase your cardio in preparation for you MMA training. It is easy buy will require you a sheer of determination. Follow this format and you will be prepared the hardest mixed martial arts drills.


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