Grappling Technique in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts training on Grappling

Jiu-jitsu is one of the most effective grappling technique in mma

MMA training is very important because MMA use many techniques from different martial arts discipline, and one foundation of mma is grappling. Mixed martial arts training will never disregard ground fighting as a part of this sport. This plays an important part to win fight and knowing to defend a fighter against other grapplers.

Grappling is a physical combat between two opponents where in; they should take down an opponent to take them to the ground and make a move to submit by locks and chokes or by ground and pound. Mastering these styles will take some time, and your MMA training will help you learn these powerful martial arts.

The common disciplines used in grappling are wrestling, judo, sambo, and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Your ability to use this technique in the right timing and situation will put you ahead of your fellow combatant, whether you are still standing up or on the ground. During your MMA training, you will take part on sparring sessions that will help you to familiarize the actual feel of a battle.

With your regular MMA training, you will learn different strategies like taking down an opponent, submissions while standing and a lot more because there are numbers of variations and other complicated submission moves. However, as you progress, you will begin to discover the beauty of the art. To give you some idea, here are the different grappling techniques utilize in Mixed Martial Arts and practiced when you begin your MMA training.

Clinching is a common and basic grappling move, especially when standing this includes the moves like the bear hug, over the hook, under hook and others. This is where you start to take down an opponent and clinching is very important to master, for you to control your opponent before taking him down. You will learn more about these basic clinching maneuvers if you let yourself involve in MMAtraining.

When you control your opponent with a clinch standing up, you have a greater chance of taking him down. Takedown is a technique to put down an opponent to the ground. You can also take down an opponent by directly shooting for the legs with a single leg or double leg takedown. Your MMA training will improve your take down skills by letting you spar with good grapplers. This is not easy as you think because when you shoot with a good grappler chances are you will be shut down. That is why repeated drills are important for you to master all of these grappling skills.

On the ground battle, control is very important because if you can’t control an opponent on the ground, you are vulnerable to counter or reverse tactics that your opponent is waiting to impose due to the lack of ground control. Pinning is essential to master because you need to prevent your opponent from escaping while beating him up while you are on top. This is what you call the ground and pound. In your MMA training, you will be taught to have a stronger upper body because it will demand you a great amount of strength.

Submission is one of the lethal moves in MMA. This is a dangerous technique because you can injure your opponent by breaking a bone by a single attack. You can also use submission moves to put your opponent to sleep if they do not tap. Chokes and locks are the popular submissions utilize in MMA.

In the defense aspect of grappling, escapes and counters are not counted out. This is as important to other grappling moves mentioned above. Because if you don’t have this skill, you will end up tapping out especially when face a good grappler, and you will get caught by their attack. Grappling is like a chess match; you need to think before you move because you can be countered or the other way around. To be a complete fighter you need to be good not on striking alone but with MMA grappling as well.

For some grappling is a boring match to watch but when you start your MMA training in grappling with you will begin to appreciate the beauty of it. This is one of the most lethal weapons of mma that is why this is never disregarded from this combat sport.


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