Boxing training workout program for you to lose weight

MMA: Boxing Training workout program to lose weight 

Being overweight and not having any kind of exercise could be a factor for a person to have health problems. Studies have shown how important physical activity is and how it contributes positively to one’s health. One great way to get fit is through boxing training workout program. It is not only fun sports to watch but amazing tool for you burn fats and other health benefits.

If you are having problems with your weight, try to do boxing training workout program at your spare time. There are many sources that you can look for in the internet. However, I will give you some basic boxing program that worked for me. You can do this on your spare time and the best part is that you don’t have to spend some cash.

1) Cardio exercise

This is the most basic and the most effective way to burn some fats. This has always been a part of a boxing training workout program or any sports. If this is your first time to jog or run, do it minimally according to your capacity. Don’t push yourself too much.

If your capacity is running for 10 minutes, so be it. As you progress, increase it incrementally. I have a technique that is so effective for me and that is if you are ready to do this. I jog for 5 minutes and then sprint for 1 – 2 minutes and jog again. I don’t walk but jog instead as my rest. I do this for 20 minutes. Do this every other day. Jog and sprint is so effective in burning those extra calories but you need to be disciplined in your food intake and I’m going to explain it on the next subject.

2) Diet

This is also important in a boxing workout training program. Without this, losing weight will take same time or will not take effect. I don’t eat special kind of foods but I don’t eat lot of calories like bread or rice instead. In addition to the diet, I don’t eat dinner after 6pm. Studies have shown that eating 6pm onwards will give you a hard time burning what you eat. This works for me.

3) Shadow boxing

If you don’t know how the basics of boxing, there are many good videos in YouTube that will teach how to box from footwork to basic punches. When you get to learn all of that, shadow box for 3 minutes and take a one minute break then continue this for 3 times. As you go further and when you are accustomed to it, increase the number of repetition.

4) Skip rope

If you don’t have time to go out and jog, try skipping rope instead. Do this for 3 minutes and have 1 minute rest. Repeat this three times. If you don’t know how to do this, just practice until you get the right way or you can search for videos that will instruct you how to do it properly in the internet specifically in YouTube.

It your choice if you want to do all of these in just one activity but you can do one exercise per day. It really depends on you. The important thing is you have an activity that would sweat you out.

These are the basic boxing training workouts that you can do in your spare time if you are really willing to lose some weights and to be healthy. You don’t actually need to go to the gym because there available options that you can do on your extra time and at the comfort of your home.


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