Boxing training for free at the comfort of your home

Boxing training at Home

Boxing is a great and fun sport to watch and it is a great physical activity to lose weight and to get fit. However for some people they don’t have time to enroll for a boxing class or gym. For those who want to learn boxing at the comfort of your home, here are some of the useful tips. Boxing training will give you lots of health benefits that you ever imagined.
Free Instructional lessons
For information about the basic movements and punches in boxing, internet is a good source of it. There are also informative instructional YouTube videos that will teach you step by step about boxing fundamentals. Try this video; I believe this is a great instructional video for boxing It is easier to learn from videos than reading because you can visualize how to properly execute the instructions given.
What to prepare for your boxing training?
You don’t need to buy expensive material if you want to do boxing at home. You only need to buy a pair of good quality gloves, a skipping rope and hand wraps. A 14 oz gloves will do. If you don’t wish to buy punching bags, you can make in on your own using empty flour sacks in filing it with used clothes or sand.
What are the things that you should do before your boxing training?
Before any activity, you need to first do some stretching. This is also a good warmer before any strenuous activity especially in boxing. It also prevents you from painful cramps. Doing this, will start to make you sweat and will pump you up to do the next activities.
Exercises that you can do
There are a lot of boxing drills that you can do in boxing and they are physically challenging especially if you are not used to do some exercises but it could be beneficial to you and your health. For the boxing exercises just click the link for some suggested activities that you can do.
To add more on that, practice the combinations with you punching bags. I assume that you already know the basic punches and movement. This is the best part of boxing especially if you are stressed out and you are angry on someone. Punching the bag with force and power will burn those fats, build muscles and kill the stress.
Try these combinations using the punching bag:
Double Jab
Jab, Straight
Double Jab, Straight
Upper cut, Hook, Straight
Try to do your own combinations but start with these mentioned above and do punching bag drills for about 15- 30 minutes. This will surely help increase your cardio and upper body strength. Do this every day or every other day and you will achieve fast results.
Who says you need to spend a lot of money to be fit? There are lot of options for you to be healthy and one cheaper way is boxing training at home. Boxing is one of the best exercises to lose weight, to get sculpted and to be fit. It is also cheap.


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