How to do shadow boxing

Shadow boxing tips

shadow boxing in front of the mirror is advisable to see proper form.
How to shadow box?
Shadow boxing is one of the boxing drills to develop proper form, speed, proper hand coordination and technique. Many don’t know that this simple exercise is a great way to sweat all your calories and to increase cardio as well.

When I need to sweat and do some exercising, I do shadow boxing. Because of what I feel shadow boxing has done to my health,I want you to try it as well and benefit from it too. I’m going to share to you the basics and do this during your  spare time. You will surely feel great. The best part here is that you don’t have to go out and gear up accordingly because you could do this in your room or anywhere in your home. Shadow boxing is a practical way to get fit and healthy.

How to do shadow boxing is very easy.First thing I do is  to do some stretching and warm up before  I shadow box. I believe everyone knows how to do it. Make 20 repetitions in every exercise. You should start from head to foot or vice versa. Doing this alone could have a positive effect on your health.

Once you are all ready. Make a boxing stance and start making combinations. For you to understand more on what you should do check out this video.

Once you have learned how to do shadow boxing basics. Do this every morning or during your spare time. If you want to lose weight do this at least 15 a day. Shadow boxing is one of the cheapest and the practical ways to get fit.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water after doing shadow boxing and don’t drink too much before or when you are doing it. Just have a sip while doing the shadow boxing drills. Do shadow boxing for 3 minutes and have a 1 minute rest. Don’t rest longer because you would feel lazy. Keep the momentum coming by being spontaneous.

Who says you need to spend money to get fit? There are tons of ways to be fit and healthy and one of it is  shadow boxing. Shadow boxing would let you sweat and burn those extra calories away.


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