Before MMA training - Ways to increase cardio before your MMA training

MMA Training: How to increase cardio before your MMA training

MMA is gaining its popularity by storm. Because of this many people are getting interested to do MMA as for their fitness and staying in shape. Yes! MMA training is surely beneficial to anyone’s health. However, maybe because of excitement people tend to forget one important thing before they jump to MMA training and that is to prepare their cardio for an intense MMA training.

Why do you need to prepare for cardio and why is it important? MMA training is extremely exhausting. Doing warm-ups alone could gas out a person if he or she is not well conditioned. Furthermore, if a person lacks cardio to push through, it would slow down the learning process. Time and money will surely be wasted.

How would you increase you cardio? This is very simple yet it will need a lot effort from you. However, the benefits of this preparation will save you time and your money spent on your MMA Gym membership. If you have great lung capacity it only means that you could do all the drills of your MMA training program.

So let’s get this started. Here are the basic and practical tips on how to increase your cardio before to jump into you MMA training. Do all of these and you will reap the health benefits doing these preparations alone.


Jogging is the preparation for running and sprinting if you are not used to do these things. It is easier compared to run and to sprint. Long minutes of jogging will develop your endurance. However, jogging will not be able to help you to increase your lung capacity to explosive move in your MMA training such as shooting for a takedown, powerful punches and kicks and other moves that needs sudden burst of energy.

Here is what you need to do. Do this only if you never did this before or if haven’t done this for a while. Jog for at least 15-20 minutes straight. If you need to rest, have a minute walk then jog again. Do this for at least one week each day. Doing this will improve your endurance to last gruelling routines in your MMA training.


Do running if you are ready enough. Jogging will prepare you to do run. So, if you have diligently jog for one week this is enough to put in a higher level for you cardio preparation before your MMA training.

 Running will greatly improve your cardio in doing repetitions that are frequent but doesn’t require great power and explosiveness such as punches and kicks combos. These drills are easy as you think but they are not. Doing one combo alone will make you sweat and will drain your oxygen out of your lungs.

This is where the role of running comes. This will help you perform MMA training drills that require repletion with little or no power. Here is what you need to do.

Run for 15- 20 minutes and when you tire down jog for 1 minute and don’t walk. This is not only effective in building great lung capacity but it will burn your fats quickly. Do this for one week and you will be able to do some MMA training drills effectively.


As what I have mentioned earlier, sprinting will help you do explosive and sudden burst of action in your drills that is included in your MMA training. This will also expand you gas tank to do power punches and kicks especially in your boxing and muay thai training.

Sprinting is best combined with running. Here is what you need to do. Run for at least 15-30 minutes and within that period, sprint for atleast 1- 2 minutes then run again. Your rest is running not jogging or walking. This is an amazing drill to maximize your lung capacity and you will feel great after doing this.

Running and sprinting is an amazing fat burner as well. If you regularly do these two powerful cardio exercises, it can give great benefits not only in your performance during your MMA training but for your health too.

Preparing before your MMA training is very important. One aspect that you need to prepare is your cardio. Jogging, running and sprinting are just the basics of cardio exercises that will improve your lung capacity. Doing them diligently will not only help you to perform well in your MMA training but will also give you tons of health benefits that you can ever imagine.


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