MMA Greatest Boxers

MMA's best Boxers

Boxing is one of the most popular fight sports ever since and it is one of the very effective striking discipline in MMA. Many MMA fighters use this technique as fight starts at stand up first.

Some say if you are a good boxer and you have an excellent take down defense you will do good in MMA and there is a truth behind that. Take a look at Chuck Liddell, he has been so successful in MMA for using boxing. You will rarely see him on the ground for he is good and shutting down take down attacks. He win fights as a stand up fighter who utilize boxing and eventually made him a champion several times.

Freddy Roach has recently said that Anderson Silva is one of the great boxers in MMA, and he is right. Where in the world you could witness a fighter, knocking out his opponent with just a jab? That's perfect and amazing boxing.

Nick Diaz is also a good boxer in MMA, he is not really a power puncher but a natural boxer instead. He punches with great combinations that will confuse his opponents. This shows how effective boxing is in MMA, in striking that is.

One fighter that has shown the effectiveness of jab in MMA is George St. Pierre. He devastated Josh Kosheck by throwing jabs every round and preventing Koscheck from using his lethal lead right hand. You could put this in history books for the most jabs in a MMA fight.Perfect display how boxing dominates fight.

Who can forget Junior Dos Santos, he is a pure boxer in mixed martial arts at its finest. JDS is good ground fighter but he utilizes his boxing skills to put his opponent to dreamland. This MMA figher displays boxing as a lethal combat discipline in Mixed Martial Arts, destroying every opponent with just a punch and leading him his way of becoming as a UFC heavy weight champion.

Boxing will never be disregarded as a basic striking arsenal in MMA. It's it so effective and a poweful weapon in mma and for self-defense too.


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