What are the gears for MMA Training?

MMA Gears

MMA is undoubtedly the fastest rising sport and many are now encourage to do MMA not to become amateur or professional fighters but as for fitness and well being. For those who are starting up or want to do MMA and don’t know what to use and to buy for their gears here are some of the most practical apparatus that you can purchase without spending too much.

Mouth Guards
This is only necessary if you want to spar. There is no need to buy this kind of protection if you don’t wish to try or to feel the actual MMA fight. In case you don’t know what is the purpose of mouth gear. A mouth piece or a mouth guard is like a denture and protective plastic that is place under your upper teeth.

It’s to protect your teeth and most especially your jaw. Many people don’t know that the main purpose of a mouth guard is to protect your jaw from breaking if ever you got hit in the face particular on your jaw. However, in sparring you are well protected if ever you want to try it. But I’m not saying that you will not get dizzy if you get hit in the head during you MMA sparring sessions.

In addition, mouth guards now are customisable. You can choose in different colors and design. Some of they are very cool as you see on mixed martial arts fighters.


Actually you have a choice to choose and MMA gloves or boxing gloves. However, with boxing gloves you can’t grapple obliviously. If you want to have both it is better and one would do. But I advise you to have both.
The reason is that in when training for boxing, bigger gloves are much safer than using the MMA gloves. So better to have them both gloves, one for boxing and for MMA.

Size of you boxing or mixed martial gloves should be 14 oz or 16 oz. The reason for that is the bigger the size the safer your wrists are. Buy the high quality ones if you wish to do mixed martial arts for a long time because if you buy the less quality gloves it will tear up immediately. High quality boxing and MMA gloves might be a little expensive but you will safe more in the long run.

Punching Bags

Punching bags are highly useful in MMA. It is where you develop the power of your punches especially when you are punching on the heavy bags. However, if you go to do gym regularly, there is no need for to buy one because some of them are too expensive. You can improvise one if want and it easy to do and to set up


Any rubber shoes will do. But what I have observed is that many mixed martial arts use running or crossover shoes. Maybe there is logic behind that. It is comfortable and when you need to run or sprint it would be perfect for that. In mixed martial arts cardio play a very important role in your conditioning and you would run a lot. This might be the reason why MMA fighter use running or crossover shoes.

Mixed Martial Arts shorts

If you want to look like a MMA fighter there are shorts specifically for it but they cost a little. However, if you prefer buying the superior brands, it is your choice. For me, for as long my shorts are comfortable and stretchable I don’t care how I look like. I’m a practical person when it comes to this. Board shorts, soccer shorts, or anything will but not the ones for running. Don’t choose the short shorts please. If you know what I mean.

T- Shirts

Anything will do for as long it is stretchable  and soft. Cotton shirts would be perfect but if you really want to look like a fighter there are many mixed martial shirts that rocks and I love them too, so much.

These are the basic gears that you need to have when you start you mixed martial arts training. Mixed martial art is a good choice for fitness and self defense. I highly recommend MMA for everyone especially for women.


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