Boxing Effectiveness in MMA

MMA and Boxing


Boxing is undoubtedly widely used in MMA as a stand-up discipline. Why is being utilized by many mixed martial arts fighters out there? The answer is effectiveness.

Boxing is one of the lethal mixed martial arts techniques. Where do you think the fight starts? It is obviously in standing up and not in the ground. As fight a start standing this is where boxing is so dangerous with just one strike a MMA fighter could be put into sleep.

Boxing is very effective as a striking discipline in MMA because a punch lands faster than a kick. I have seen great muay thai and kick boxing fighters that have been knock out before they could make a powerful kick. I think it also depends on how skill boxers are.

I’m not saying boxing is the only one effective striking martial arts out there, what I’m saying is the effectiveness of boxing in MMA. If this not an effective and practical technique in striking, why do MMA fighters train for boxing? All mixed martial arts discipline are very important in this sport but surely boxing is one of them.

What also great about boxing is the footwork. Boxing is said to be a dance. In MMA, footwork is very important. Footwork will help mixed martial arts fighter to evade punches, kicks and take downs. Footwork is a great defensive skill.

I have seen MMA fighter even they are jiu jitsu black belts choose to stand up and box. Take a look at Junior Dos Santos. He is a jiu jitsu black right? Who is the UFC heavy weight champ? Boxing lead many MMA fighters to greatness.

Some people say if you have a good take down defense, you would be successful in boxing. I believe that because there are great MMA fighters that I rarely seen on the ground like Chuck Liddell and succeeded in MMA.

Boxing will never be taken out as a lethal striking arsenal in MMA. Many MMA fighters have succeeded in this sport by using boxing as their stand up game. Every MMA fighter should have boxing in their striking ammunition's because thus is one of the most effective striking discipline in MMA or any martial arts.


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