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MMA in the Philippines: Pinoy MMA fighter Brandon Vera

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is sweeping the world with its popularity. No one ever taught that MMA will reach the farthest corner of the world specifically in the south East Asian region like in the small island of the Philippines. MMA in this small region is becoming a household name like basketball and boxing and it is quite surprising.

It all started when a local channel here started showing live UFC fights and the rest is history. Even though MMA is dominated by westerners it is not a hindrance for this brutal sport to capture Pinoy fight fans. However, with the name of Mark Munoz and Brandon Vera, MMA is beginning to become more popular ever since.

With the unstoppable fame of MMA, MMA gyms are sprouting like mushrooms anywhere in this country. With this, MMA practitioners and fighters are growing in numbers. Philippines are well known for its world class boxers but soon one great MMA warrior will soon arise from this meek place because Pinoy are naturally talented fighters.

MMA in the Philippines: MMA fighter Mark Munoz

With the help of MMA organizations here in the Philippines like URRC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) and PXC (Pacific X-treme Combat), Filipino fighters are given the chance to showcase their fighting skills in the ring or in the cage. However, it is still a dream of many Pinoy MMA fans to see and to watch the foremost MMA organization live which is the UFC here in the Philippines.

However, locals here had the chance to see MMA heroes such as Chuck Liddell, Brandon Vera, BJ Pennn, Mark Munoz, and George St. Pierre who visited the country. I myself had the chance to see GSP in the Mall of Asia wherein I got to chance to see him do some muay thai and bjj drills. That was exhilarating to have a close encounter with a MMA superstar.

It is amazing to see how MMA has grown through the years. It spreads beyond the expectation of many. Even how brutal this sport can be, nothing or no one could stop its growing reputation. Filipino’s are naturally fight fans, as boxing to begin with. However, as fight sports evolve and so are the fans.

I could see someday that MMA will reach the farthest region not only in the Philippines but all across the globe. It will someday overtake boxing as a dominating and most admired fight sport. No wonder it captured the hearts of hardcore Pinoy fight fanatics.

In MMA your dream fights are all possible. Unlike in boxing where money and greed are rampant. MMA is not about Money, it is about seeing top athletes beating up top athletes and MMA fighter’s goal is to the best of the best. This is why this is sport is taking the world by storm.

No one would ever imagine that MMA will reach the farthest region such as the Philippines. Maybe because it is the best fight sport around today, it went further boundaries. MMA is undoubtedly an excellent fight sport to follow; this is why it captured the hearts of many Filipino MMA aficionados. MMA in the Philippines will continue to grow that is for sure.


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