How to learn MMA online

Learning MMA at the comfort of your home through the internet or online

MMA is getting popular nowadays not only as a sport and entertainment but as for physical fitness and self defense as well. However, for some they have no time or money to go the gym and enroll for MMA classes. But I believe in the saying “if there is a will, there is a way”. Yes! There is a solution to this concern by learning mixed martial arts at home.

Learning mixed martial arts at home is an excellent option for those who want to learn this sport but how? Today, because of the internet, information and anything you want to ask, Google has it. So, if want to learn MMA at home, it is very possible.

However, there are limitations if you choose to learn MMA at home. If you just want to learn and get fit this is a good choice. However, if want to learn to fight, it is the downside of it. There is no one around that you could spar with if you learn MMA at home. If you want to learn how to fight, home training for MMA is not for it.

So you are asking how would you learn MMA using the internet? First, if you have a budget, you could purchase online courses for MMA or you could buy instructional mixed martial arts DVDs. Make sure to choose credible websites only. There are a lot of scam bags in the internet.

If you are asking where to purchase MMA instructional dvd’s try amazon, ebay and a lot more. Only buy  MMA videos anchored by pro mixed martial arts fighters if want to learn fast because a true pro MMA fighters have a well tested technique that was already applied in real combat.

There are lot of MMA instructional videos out there that are from popular mixed martial arts fighters from the UFC or other MMA organization. Choose only the videos from MMA champions. I heard this saying “if want to be a champion train like a champion”. Only purchase DVD’s of mixed MMA.

Second, if you don’t have a budget that is not a problem. There are tons of MMA instructional videos from the internet. YouTube is one of them. I have used YouTube many times if i wanted to learn something about MMA. The best part of it is that you could also look for instructional videos that are being led by MMA champions and veterans as well. Give it a try.

When you find a useful video, download and save it. You will surely not learn MMA with a glimpse. You need to repeat the videos over and over again until it sinks in. But watching is not enough, you need to act and follow the MMA drills that are being instructed.

Now you have all the resources to learn MMA, the next move for you to do is act. If you really want to learn MMA or any sports, you have to be very disciplined. Laziness is your worst enemy here. You need to have lots of self motivation to learn MMA at home because there are no trainers behind you to support and motivate you.

Practice the drill regularly and diligently. For the grappling techniques like wrestling and jiu jitsu try the moves and drill with a friend who is willing to do it with you. As what I have mentioned there is a downside of learning MMA online and at home especially when you learn grappling because these are the martial arts that need a sparring partner.

MMA is a great sports for fitness and self defense. Learning mixed martial arts from home is a good idea if only you wish to learn it for fitness and get some ideas how utilize some MMA techniques.


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