Boxing training for fitness

Fitness and health through boxing training

Boxing is not only a popular fight sport but a great self-defense and an excellent to tool to lose weight as well. When it comes to MMA or Mixed Martial Arts it is one of the most effective striking arsenals in this sport. We have witnessed a lot of MMA fighters who are natural boxers and went their way to the top of the heap.

On the other hand, boxing training is also an amazing activity for you to lose weight. It is a tried and tested formula. Just see what kind of physique boxers have.

If you are having a problem losing weight or you just want to be healthy, try boxing training. Make an effort to find a MMA or boxing gym near your area. Some of them may come cheap and enrolling for boxing classes is not a problem, money wise. Buy your own boxing gloves and make sure to wear comfortable and stretchable shorts or jogging pants.

But first, before you join your a boxing training class, you need to prepare some things. First, you need to condition yourself. Boxing training or any MMA training requires cardio, endurance and strength. To prepare yourself physically, jog or run at least 15 minutes a day or every other day. Do this for 1 week and while doing this, you are already burning a lot of calories.

The reason why you need to prepare physically before your boxing training or MMA training is to maximize your lung capacity. You will not be able perform well if you will end gassing out. Time and your money will be wasted if that happens. It is an advantage if you perform well on your first training session for you to absorb the technique fast.

Your instructor will do the rest. Follow their instructions very carefully and perform all the drills that they require you to do. At first, you would have a hard time catching up with balance and timing especially when you are doing the mitts but later on as you progress, you will be much comfortable and you would be more relax.

During your boxing training or MMA training, don’t drink too much water but have a little sip once in a while. If you drink lots of water during your training you will slow down, feel lazy and would feel bloated. Drink lots of water after the session instead.

As you go along, you would feel that there is an improvement on how you feel about yourself and you would observe how fast you are cutting weight. When you are doing a boxing training or MMA training, you are naturally burning your fats and building your muscles gradually.

There is a lot of bonus of doing boxing training or MMA training. Unlike going to the gym and pulling and lifting some weights, you will learn the art of self-defense. Boxing is a very effective striking technique. If you master this fight sport, you could be dangerous and lethal. But use boxing if you only need it. Boxing is about respect and humility.

You would be more addicted to do boxing once you have started it. It is like a drug but a good kind of it. It is one of the best stress busters. Making boxing or MMA as your way of life would make you feel positively different about yourself and about life. Choose boxing training as your means to burn those unwanted fats.


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