How to Knock Someone Out in a Street Fight

How to knock someone out is a big question for those who don’t have any experience in street fights or any martial arts. You wonder how do people knock out their opponent with just a single blow or even with less effort. Knocking out someone in a street fight is much easier compared if you are into combats sports because trained fighters can take a punches and they are also trained not to be hit easily.

How to knock someone out in a street fight is very easy because most people who stir up street fights no nothing about martial arts like boxing, muay thai, MMA or any martial and therefore you have an advantage if you know how. I have been into street fights twice and I was knocked out once and I was able also to knock some out once. My street fight record is 1-1.

With that, I know how it feels to be knocked out. What they say about seeing stars when you get knocked out is absolutely true. For 3 seconds darkness and some stars was the only one that I can see then. I didn’t actually know how I fell on the ground. It happened so fast.

To give you the tips from what I have learned from my experience, here are some of the tips that hopefully will be helpful to you. My advice is that only hit someone when it is needed or if it is an act of defending yourself from bullies or just some stupid moron out who just stirs up fights.

Learn MMA, Boxing, Muay or any Martial Arts

Knocking someone out has a technical aspect. If you have personal know how or just a little knowledge, you definitely have an advantage on someone who knows nothing and eventually you could knock them out. Learn the basics; there are lot of free resources around especially in the internet.

If you have a little knowledge about boxing, knocking someone out will be easy. This is the reason why I love boxing so much. Boxing is the basic fighting technique that can be used in a street fight. If you know how to punch, you can knock out anyone in a street fight.

Know the basic stance

Punching power really starts from the ground. If you have a good base knock out power will just come naturally. This is what kinetic energy is all about. It starts in the ground and the energy will flow up to your fist.

I highly recommend you to learn the basic boxing stance. Boxing stance is a perfect form for punching because it is specifically for punching.

Know how to punch and know the basic punches

Once you have learned the boxing stance, throw your punch by rotating or twisting your hips and your whole upper body. The twisting process is a helpful motion to deliver power punches. That is what technique is all about. Even if you are not physically gifted but you know the right technique you could actually knock someone out in a street fight.

For me, the punches that you could use to knock someone out are the hooks and the overhands. This are devastating punches in boxing, muay thai, and MMA fights. If you deliver the right technique and timing to the right spot, say good night to your buddy.

I will not discuss here how to make the overhands and hook. I’ll make another blog specifically for it so that the details would be elaborated well.  Just look for videos in YouTube on the punches like hooks and the overhands.

Know where to hit

People get knocked out mainly because it rattled their brains. It only means that when you hit someone where the right spot to shake their brain inside the skull you could knock them out. So what and where the targets are? Where are the right buttons?

One target that you should focus on is the chin. If you watch fights in MMA or boxing, hitting on that part of the face is like a push button. When you hit exactly on that spot it is lights out for your opponent. The chin is the perfect spot to shake the brain.

Hitting your opponent with the right technique, speed and power on that spot will definitely brings them to dreamland. Just try hitting your chin gently and you will feel what I say. It shakes right? What more with power and speed?

These are the tips on how to knock someone out in a street fight. Please don’t apply this just for the sake you want to prove something. I really want you to learn MMA, boxing or muay thai because you will learn how to control yourself and be respectful. Only use what you know for self-defense and never use this to bully someone or just to brag. Knock someone out if it is only needed.


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