Basic Boxing Punches

Boxing is one of the basic martial arts in MMA that is very practical an easy to learn. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of boxing that you need know and develop are the boxing punches. Because boxing is a combat sport that uses the fist, you need to know the basic punches that are being utilized in this sport. Here are the basic punches usually used in boxing that you need to be familiar with.


The jab is the easiest to practice and learn among all the boxing punches. In boxing, jab purposely is a defensive punch. Moreover, it is also essential if you really want to master boxing.  Like in basketball you need to know how to dribble and if want to master boxing you need first to learn the jab.  It is a punch wherein you measure your distance of your opponent or perhaps a defensive punch to create distance and prevent your opponent to get closer.  In terms of speed, jab is the fastest and it would land first compared to other boxing punches. This is the reason why it is usually used as a defensive striking arsenal.

However, jabs have no power but if landed properly it could knock out and opponent. Take for example how Anderson Silva put Forrest Griffin out with a jab. With just a snap right at the chin it has the potential of knocking out your adversary. This is one of the boxing punches that are highly used as well especially there is reach and height advantage.

How to do the jab is easy. I’ll give the instructions to a right hander and if you are a left hander,  just reverse it.

I assume you know the boxing stance, just click the boxing stance if you still don’t know how to do it. When throwing the jab, the lead hand or the hand that is in front of you is what you are going to use. Some say that you don’t really don’t need to put some power when you punch the jab.

The proper or the technical way to do it is to slightly twist your hips and upper body then snap you right fist pointing straight then bring it back right away to its same position. Always remember that you need to protect yourself, this is the reason why you need to bring back your lead hand back to its position.

The straight or the cross

This boxing punch is one with power because the straight or the cross comes with much force and power. In addition, you will use your strongest arm. If you are a right hander, you right hand is the strongest compared to your left vice versa.

It is very effective when it is used after a jab. The reason for this is that the straight is much easier to anticipate and you are more vulnerable to counters. You really need to set up first before you unleash this punch and the jab is the best way to break in to your opponent’s defense.

To launch a straight punch you need to twist your hips and your body and target straight ahead. Don’t lean forward just twist and snap. Make it a habit to cover your chin immediately right after a punch to avoid dangerous counter punches.

The Hook

This is very effective to use on charging opponent because they will have a hard time seeing it coming. This is one of the most devastating boxing punches in boxing. This is also one of my favourite punches. If it is delivered with power, balance and technique and made a contact right at the tip of the chin, it is good night for to your opponent.

Hooks can be thrown with your lead hand or with your power hand. Using the hooks with your power hand is effective as a follow up or best combined with you punching combos. You can also use it with your lead hand after throwing a jab.

Most fighters use the hook with their lead hand because of the distance because when you throw a hook with your power hand without any combinations it is easily telegraphed. However, throwing a hook with your lead hand is hardly telegraphed and it will land faster because of the shorter distance.

To throw a hook with your lead hand, twist your hips and shoulders, your fist should like your holding a candle and your elbows is as the same level of your shoulder having a 90 degrees angle. In an actual fight your focus is to hit the chin, ears or the top area of the head. These are the areas of the head that are vulnerable, when hit with power it will surely rock the brain.

Learning mastering these different kinds of boxing punches is very important. Constant practice with the bags and mitts is the key. Once you get the rhythm and timing the power will surely come. Always make sure that you are on the proper stance when throwing these punches and twist your hips and body. These are the techniques that will add up power in your punches. Learn the technique and practice if you really want to become better at it. Master these basic boxing punches first before and you will be on the right track.


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