How To Develop Punching Power

Having a punching power is somewhat a gift. However, like talents and personal abilities it can be developed and harnessed. If you think you are not naturally gifted to have that knock-out punch, here are some of the simple tips to follow and in time you will be able to achieve the goal of putting someone into dream land.

Know how to punch right

Even you are physically gifted or let us say you have great physique it doesn’t mean immediately that you could easily knock someone out. If you don’t know how to punch the right way, your strength is still useless even let us say you have a lean and strong body maybe because you are working out. Knowing the right way to punch is the missing equation for some fighters who have great physique but don’t have the knockout power.

Have you observed in a MMA match that there are fighters that are not that physically muscular but could still knock their opponent out? In addition, have you seen much bulkier and physically stronger guys that couldn’t end a fight with a knock out? That is the technique is all about. Knowing how to punch properly is the missing piece.

If you still don’t know the basic punches are and how to actually do them, learn the basic boxing punches first and practice them in front of the mirror or if you are in enrolled in to a boxing class or MMA class ask your trainer how to do it right.

Technique is very important not physically power or strength alone. Don’t get intimidated with much bigger and stronger guys because they might not have the knowledge of to punch in a right manner. On the other hand you would have the advantage on them if you have the right technique.

Master the right stance

Power doesn’t only end and start with strong core and powerful hands but with the right stance. Balance is very important before for delivering the knockout punch because it all starts with the ground. This is what kinetic energy is all about.

You need to remember that before you punch see to it that you are in the right stance. The perfect stance for your strongest punch is the boxing stance. When you are in a real fight always move with this stance because this is where the power comes. This is the most basic in all martial arts or other sports, the right stance.

Work on you core

Strong core is the icing in the cake. It is where the explosiveness comes from. There are simple calisthenics that you could do to develop your core, like push ups, sit-ups, and other dumbbell exercises. There are core workouts for boxing that you could do in your home using the dumbbells and barbells.

Continuous working out on your core would not only give you a powerful hands but a great body as well. Focus working on your arms chest and back. Don’t forget to include you lower part especially your legs. Do skipping rope, running and sprinting. These are basic leg exercises yet very effective. You will not only have great lower body strength but great cardio as well.


These are some of my helpful and practical tips that could develop your punching power. If you want to have the advance methods there you could join an MMA or boxing class online or in a real gym. In this manner you could actually learn the advance and detailed method to develop your punching power. I hope that I was able to give you some ideas and if you still don’t train for any martial arts try MMA or boxing.


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