How to do skipping rope

Boxing training drill : Skipping Rope
Skipping is a simple toy but an effective tool for cardio and weight loss

I don’t know why people spend huge chunks of money to get fit while there are many available alternatives around. They depend on quick schemes that usually end up to frustrations and waste. One of the cheapest and free workouts is found in basic boxing training drills. These are absolutely free and you can do this at the comfort of your home.

When you say boxing, it doesn’t necessarily means that you are an amateur or a pro boxer immediately. Some people do boxing training as a hobby, for fitness and self-defense. Everyone is welcome to try boxing not as a profession but as a lifestyle and well being.

Boxing is a great a great tool for fitness not just an entertaining fun sport to watch. It is an effective way to burn fats fast. Boxing training has many drills and exercises that conditioned boxers and ordinary people as well. One great attribute of a boxer is cardio and endurance.

Boxers achieve their peak lung capacity is through boxing training drills that focus on lung capacity and of them is the simple exercise which is the skipping rope. This meek boxing equipment is so simple as it seems but don’t underestimate it, it can do more to your health and to your physique.

Skipping rope is not only popularly used in boxing but in mma training or any sports because it develops body coordination, endurance and great cardio. If you want to lose fast without spending try skipping rope. You will reap the benefits immediately if you are just patient enough.

Boxing training programs never without skipping rope drills. To give you idea on how to do “jumping rope” as the other term of it, here are simple tips that you can do if you are willing enough to learn and to get healthy. Health is surely wealth. Doing this is nothing compared if you being not in shape and prone to sickness related to weight problems.

Getting started
I have to say, you need to be very patient. Learning skipping rope is like riding a bike. You need to try several times over to learn it the right way. People who are new to boxing training and drills often have the hard time doing jumping ropes.

Just a reminder use running shoes, crossover shoes or any sporty shoes you have when you don’t have soft mats in your area where you are going to do this.

purposes, you need to look straight while doing it. Hold the both ends of the rope while your elbows are closely flattened to your body. Try jumping with the rope at your back and let it just stay there until you get relax and have the feel comfortably bouncing. Boxing training programs see the importance of skipping exercises because it help boxers bounce and move lightly. In boxing, footwork and fast movement is very important.

Once you got the right feel, start rotating your wrist and let the rope go over your head and rotate from head to foot and jump before it touches your feet. Sometimes it feels frustrating when the ropes hit your feet. This is just normal especially for those who are not athletically gifted.

Just practicing would really sweat you a lot and will test your cardio already. Breathe with your nose and not with your mouth. I am not actually sure what the reason for this maybe because when you breathe with your mouth it will tire you faster compared breathing naturally with your nose.

Patient and practice is the key here. You might even learn it within 30 minutes and less. Once you have mastered it you can do advance skipping techniques that will surely test your coordination and your lungs. I will discuss the advance skipping rope drills that are usually included in boxing training programs. Regularly do this or every other day for 3 times 3 minutes each and this will make sense to your health.

Why do you need to spend when there are usually free and effective tools to get fit and healthy? Boxing training drills such as skipping rope is one of the most effective ways to burn fats, increase cardio, improve muscles and to tone your body. Sometimes we tend to forget the simple things that are even more effective methods that have high cost.


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