Reasons why boxing training is best for you,for your health and for weight loss

Boxing training is a great alternative or a perfect combination for a gym workout as for fitness and weight loss. Compared to gym training it is more complete. Boxing training has the combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits, weight loss, toning your muscles, and more amazing advantages to anyone’s health. If you are thinking of doing boxing training as for physical fitness, here are the advantages that will surely convince you to try boxing training.

Cardio Improvement

For those who are easy to get tired and lacks energy, boxing training is perfect for them. Boxing training consist of many drills that will require great lung capacity. Therefore, will increase and improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Bag work like punching heavy bags, skipping rope, sparring and doing focus pad training like mitts drills are just some of the activities that are part of boxing training. These are also the reasons why you need to be physically conditioned before you jump in to boxing training. It is a must for you to prepare your conditioning first.

In case you don’t know, if you have great cardio, you will not tire immediately no matter how demanding your activities are especially if you are into a very tiring work or business. Boxing training will also boost your energy and will help you have extra vigour after a day of labour. If you get tire easily or if you need to have extra push, do boxing training.

Immune system booster

Any physical activity like running could amazingly improve your immune system, what more with boxing training. As what I have mentioned earlier, boxing training is multi- faceted. It comprises many drills that are very physically challenging. Therefore great physically activity or exercise is equals to better immune system.

Stress Buster

Boxing training is very fun especially when you are doing bag works or training with the mitts. Punching your heart out on these boxing equipment's will make you feel better after doing such activities. Doing punching sessions especially when you are stressed with your work or just angry with someone will release all your angst with these drills.

Great muscle toner

Unlike going to the gym like lifting and pulling heavy weights, boxing training will not bulk your muscles instead will tone down and shape your muscles. Arms, abs, legs and gluts will surely be sculpted because doing boxing training focus on these muscles. Just doing it for days will have tremendous results in those mentioned parts of the body.

Perfect for weight loss

Compared to doing gym work, boxing training is great for weight loss and it has fast results. Why is it very effective? Boxing training is a cardio activity. This only means that when you inhale more oxygen, you burn your fats fast. See how boxers lose weight when they train and there are many testimonial that will prove how effective boxing training is in terms of burning calories and for weight loss.

Confidence booster

Boxing training will not only beneficial to your body and health but with your self-esteem as well. Boxing is a martial art and any form of martial art will form your personality in a positive way. When you learn boxing, you will also appreciate yourself more. These are the intangibles that boxing training benefits those practitioners.

Additional skills for you

When you do boxing training, you will add a new skill in your list and that is learning of defending yourself and others. Boxing is one of the most effective striking martial art ever since and in MMA as well. Punching is the most basic arsenal in self-defence so if you do boxing training, you can use it when it is needed.

Boxing training is very advantageous to anyone who wishes to do this for fitness, weight loss, self-defence and etc. If you are searching for great alternatives to get fit and healthy, put boxing training on the top of your list. You will surely not regret if you choose boxing training as your physical activity because there are many great advantages that you could ever imagine.


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